Here Kitty, Kitty! New iPhone App Rallies Stubborn Cats


Good news for anyone who has ever had difficulty luring their cat out from under a bed, up a tree, from under the car or anywhere else! A cat-loving University professor from Indiana and two of his students have developed Here Kitty, Kitty! –  a feline-friendly iPhone (and iPad) application that provides a creative and fun way to help you find your lost (…or stubborn) cat. 

Available on iTunes, Here Kitty, Kitty! provides a fun way for users to attract their cats with familiar sounds that will bring the feline around when they don't come when called. It features the sounds of a cat meowing, a man calling a cat and an electric can opener readying a can of kitty nom-noms.

Here Kitty, Kitty! just launched a few weeks ago and so the App reviews are limited, but the few that do exist on the site are very positive. Let me know if it works for your cat!

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