Totally Adorbs: Driving Dogs

Dog Driving Car
They see me rollin'….

As a dog lover, nothing can make a normally mundane drive to work, the store, your therapist or perhaps even the county jail more pleasurable than the sight of a happy dog's head poking inquisitively out the window of a passing car, discovering the joy of the wind in transit. 

Particularly amusing to me is spotting, say, an enormous Great Dane rolling by in a Mini Cooper or a itty bitty puff of a Pomeranian rumbling by in a jacked up monster truck. Wha? It's not always easy to capture these images in the moment, especially when we're technically supposed to be concentrating on driving, but some moments require improvisation and must be captured. Last week was such a moment for me. See exhibit A of Luna Camellia of Solana Beach, CA at right.

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