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Top 10 Most Awesome Dogs of 2010

The year 2010 was a banner year for pup culture and we found there was no shortage of interesting, meaningful and often meaningless stories regarding canine culture!  Herewith are our top 10 favorite, most awesomest dogs of 2010! 

Did we leave out your favorite? Share your favorites in the comments below!


1. Complicated Yoga Pose Dog

Complicated Yoga Pose Dog




2. Merengue Dog





3. Pug Sings Batman Theme



4. Abby Girl: The Extreme Sports Dog Breed Dog-umentary



5. Spot the Dog Remains Faithful to Dead Owner



6. The Synchronized Dogs (and One Goat) of the OK Go Dog Video

  Dogs of Ok Go Video



7. Target- The Amazing Afgan War Hero Dog




8.  Small Dog, Big Hero: Missy Alerts Neighbors When His Owner Collapses

  Missy the Good Samaritan


















9. Antoine Dogson

Antoine Dogson


 10. Good Samaritan German Shepherd Leads Trooper to House Fire: (Watch video here >)



Story reprint courtesy of Janet McCulley's The Daily Treat at Animal 

WATCH: Animals of YouTube Sing “Jingle Bells”

What do you get when you create a holiday video mash-up featuring one keyboard cat, a flappy-lipped horse, three pea hens, a turtle festooned with a bow, a tone-deaf Pug, a cat with a lisp, a hyperactive border collie, a school of fish, one shark, a spastic ferret, a shy caterpillar, a herd of bison and one nasally cat? 

What you get is the. Best. Holiday. Video. Ever. Never one to disappoint, the creative genius that is Klaatu42's Talking Animals is sure to put a smile on your face with this year's Talking Animals Jingle Bell Video! Enjoy and be sure to check out last year's "Deck the Halls" video too for an extra chuckle!

WATCH How to Gift Wrap A Cat For Xmas

DIY Cat Wrap

Ever wonder how to safely and efficiently wrap a cat? Wonder no more as the cheeky folks at FlippyCat have perfected the process!  We all know that cats love paper and better yet, crinkled paper, so for the most part, this patient little guy looks quite content in my opinion despite his mummified appearance mid-video….what do you think? 


Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Adopting a Pet This Holiday? Think Petfinder First!

CA880.17864164-1-x Petfinder: The virtual home of 344,945 adoptable pets from 13,573 adoption groups

If you or someone you know are considering bringing a pet home this holiday seasons, PLEASE think adoption first!  There are thousands of rescue groups for every dog breed around the nation and (and the free Petfinder iPhone App) is an incredible resource and makes finding the perfect pet for your family fun and easy.

Around this time of year I get many inquiries about "..where can i find this breed of dog or that kind of cat…?" My answer? Log on to! is a virtual home hundreds of amazing cats and dogs looking for their forever homes. Searching for a specific dog breed or cat breed? No problem – Petfinder can connect you with hundreds of purebred dogs via dog breed rescue groups and animal shelters.

Learn About What to Consider Before You Adopt

Better yet, Petfinder is an incredible resource for educating yourself on how to adopt the right dog, cat or other pet, plus what to expect from the adoption process. 

Visit today and help a homeless pet find their forever home, like darling Chaco the Boston Terrier – (above). What a cutie! 

To download the Petfinder App, download it for free at the iTunes Store.  

WATCH: Funny Holi-dog Celebration Video Has Great Message

Best Friends Animal Society Holidog Video With a focused mission on creating a world where there are No More Homeless Pets, the creative and caring folks at The Best Friends Animal Society created this darling Holi-dog Holiday Celebration video (below)! Watch adorable dogs (…and cats- see if you can spot the kitty cameo) decorate cookies, create crafty snowflake cut-outs and get ready to celebrate the holidays in style!

Spreading good cheer, this endearingly goofy little video has a great message: Think Adoption this holiday and make a holiday wish come true for a homeless dog or cat.

What is Best Friends Animal Society?

Best Friends Animal Society is a nonprofit organization building no-kill programs and partnerships that will bring about a day when there are No More Homeless Pets. The core of  Best Friends' work is the dream that one day  animals will no longer be destroyed because they are unwanted or imperfect. Well said!

Working to make spaying and neutering a rule for all pets, the society's leading initiatives in animal care and community programs are coordinated from its Kanab, Utah, headquarters, the country's largest no-kill sanctuary. This work is made possible by the personal and financial support of a grassroots network of supporters and community partners across the nation. For more information visit:

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

WATCH: What Cats Are Saying When Playing Patty-cake

Patty-cake Match Features First Ever Cat to English Translation

A redonkulous video of Cats Playing Pattycake is a nugget of YouTube gold that's gone viral in the last few weeks, with over 1.2 million views at this writing! Naturally, YouTubers know that there is never too much of a good thing and YouTuber Justin C. Elliot (and friend?) has stepped up to the plate and added a hysterical voice-over to the video.  Watch the video below!

Is This Normal Kitty Behavior?

Do your kitties get all pissy and call each other 'dude' when they get frustrated? Is this normal? What exactly compelled these two kitties to engage in this gentle smackdown is yet to be seen, but it looks like they are being watched by other kitties on Cat-roulette in the background? Maybe they are playing for the camera?

Either way – the voice over is a little bit o' brilliance -and thanks to our friends at the Huffington Post for sharing this with us!



Reprint courtesy of The Daily Treat at

Wha?! Woman Fined For Dyeing Pup’s Paws

Pink Poodle Fined for Dyes Paws What's Next – House Arrest for Untrimmed Nails?

A word to the wise in Florida – if you have a penchant for all things pink, just be sure to keep the pink off your pup's paws! Christine Hill of Jacksonville Florida learned this the hard way when she innocently bought a bottle of dye specifically for dogs and colored her poodle's paws pink for fun on Halloween. 

However, there is apparently a city ordinance in Florida (and apparently in Denver also) that prohibits people from coloring pet or animal fur.  Hill discovered this fact when she was slapped with a $225 fine by an animal control officer who happened to spot Hill and her pink fluff ball walking in the field across from her house. The ticket said Hill was in violation for artificially coloring her animal! Who knew??

I did some further digging around and this code appears to be in place to discourage people from dyeing pets, bunnies, chicks and other critters at Easter  -  I kinda get their point – but a fine for her pinkifying her pooch seems a little severe…. what do you think?

Dye Your Dog, Do Hard Time

More importantly, what do you suppose the infraction would be for these groomers and their dogs? I'm betting they'd be heading to the big house for some serious hard time!

Reprint courtesy of The Daily Treat at