WATCH: What Cats Are Saying When Playing Patty-cake

Patty-cake Match Features First Ever Cat to English Translation

A redonkulous video of Cats Playing Pattycake is a nugget of YouTube gold that's gone viral in the last few weeks, with over 1.2 million views at this writing! Naturally, YouTubers know that there is never too much of a good thing and YouTuber Justin C. Elliot (and friend?) has stepped up to the plate and added a hysterical voice-over to the video.  Watch the video below!

Is This Normal Kitty Behavior?

Do your kitties get all pissy and call each other 'dude' when they get frustrated? Is this normal? What exactly compelled these two kitties to engage in this gentle smackdown is yet to be seen, but it looks like they are being watched by other kitties on Cat-roulette in the background? Maybe they are playing for the camera?

Either way – the voice over is a little bit o' brilliance -and thanks to our friends at the Huffington Post for sharing this with us!



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