Does Your Dog Do This? Sad Suitcase Face

Sad Suitcase Face Do you put off bringing out your suitcase until the very last moment too?

From the very moment my dogs Lulu, Zazou & Kiki spot me rolling my suitcase out from the coat closet, the downward spiral begins. I don't care how much fun they were having eating, playing, or rough-housing the moment before – the absolute second they catch sight of that detested suitcase,  the mood instantly sours and all three sadly shuffle into their beds like sad sacks. With furrowed brows they quietly stare at me as I pack and the worrying begins. 

For this very reason, I put off bringing out my suitcase and actually packing until it is absolutely the very last moment, because it bums them out so much! In speaking with many of my other pet loving friends about this oft repeated scenario in their household of furry friends, I have learned that some actually go as far to hide the suitcase in another room so that the dogs cannot see them packing at all. HA!

Does your dog do this? Do you have any secret tips to help prevent the dreaded sad suitcase face syndrome? Share your stories and comments!

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