WATCH: Chunky Dog Crashes Aussie Soccer Game

Screen shot 2011-01-23 at 2.27.14 PM Jack Russell Bends It Like Bowser

Known to be one of the scrappiest dogs on the planet, check out the game face on this tenacious Jack Russell as he crashes this (random) game of "Footy" between Australia and Ireland. Amazingly, not one player has the wherewithal to pass him a ball, or high five him when the other team fouls (…at 1:36 in the video).

Amazingly, this portly pup manages to stay in the game for a good four minutes and the crowd is none too pleased when Angry-Man-in-Members-Only-Jacket has the gall to unceremoniously remove him from the playing field. Watch the video and be amused!  

Odd. Very Odd.

I found the following things to be particularly odd about this video – how about you?

1) None of the players are phased in the least that a portly pooch is ripping around the field

2) Since when is picking up and running with a soccer ball acceptable?

3) What's the deal with the dude combing his hair in the beginning (and end) of the video?

4) Who knew that there was a "Fox Footy" channel?


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