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Best in Show: What do you know about Scottish Deerhounds?

Scottish Deerhound Best In Show

Hickory Brings Home The Hardware

Excitement reached record levels this week at The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show – the ultimate beauty pageant for dogs  - where Hickory, a 5-year-old female Scottish deerhound won Best in Show. Hickory has been ranked the Number One Scottish Deerhound for the last three years, but this was her first Best in Show appearance at The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

The Like Me, They Really Like Me!

Like many of you, I was completely unfamiliar with this breed – which kind of resembles an Irish Wolfhound, right?  It turns out this gangly breed is extremely sensitive, perhaps a bit insecure – so I'm thinking Hickory's big win will help make great strides for sensitive Scottish Deerhounds everywhere. As well, Scottish Deerhounds are apparently quite mellow, low-key and easygoing. Learn more about the interesting Scottish Deerhound dog breed at Animal Planet's Dogs 101!

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Who Will Win Westminster? Vegas Says Fox Terrier

Westminster Dog Show 2011

I'll take the Redbone Coonhound for $500 please.

For the fifth consecutive year, Wynn Las Vegas posted betting odds on the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which is happening today today at The Madison Square Garden in NYC. The odds are for breeds, not specific dogs, and proposition bets are listed "for entertainment purposes only" by John Avello, Executive Director of Race & Sports for Wynn. According to handicappers, the odds are on the Smooth Coated Fox Terrier, with odds at 6 to 1. 

Zazou Halo My crazy canine cohorts have asked me to put my money on the Vizsla, but according to Vegas handicappers, the Vizsla basically has a snowball's chance in hell with odds coming in at 300 to 1. Wha?! THREE HUNDRED TO ONE? You mean the Westminster folks are not going to properly recognize a breed that behaves like 2 year old for most of it's adult life? That's cold….just plain cold.

Which breed would you put money on to bring home Westminster hardware? 

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