WATCH: Muttropolis Talks Dog Poop on NBC’s Today Show!

In case you missed it: Watch Muttropolis Co-Founder Janet McCulley talk with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about pet product trends and dog poop — on an apple! Seriously.

Last week we shared how thrilled we were to be invited to appear on the Today Show with none other than Hoda and Kathie Lee to talk about some of our favorite pet products. Without hesitation  we whisked off from California only a few hours later with our favorite dog toys, treats (and poop bags!) in tow for some fun in the Big Apple! 

Everyone at the NBC studios were so incredibly warm and welcoming, and we had an absolute fantastic experience—brief as it was!  All the innovative pet products featured during the segment can be found here at Muttropolis or on The Today Show website here! In case you missed the segment, check out the video below and be amused!


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