Mark Zuckerberg’s New Dog Resembles Ginormous Dust Mop

Hungarian-Puli-Mark Zuckerberg Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed his softer side this week as he introduced his new pup, Beast, to the world. A redonkulously adorbs, (and quite rare) fluffy white Hungarian Puli, Beast already has his own Facebook Page, (shocker!) featuring pictures of the Facebook CEO and founder and his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, holding and playing with the darling pup.

As of this writing, Beast is already up to  about 16,500 “likes," with Zuckerberg and Chan listed as the Page owners.

What is a Puli? 

Described as a mop on springs, the Puli is full of bouncing energy. Busy and curious, these super smart dogs are known to be also headstrong and tough and sometimes aggressive toward other dogs. Alert and watchful, it is also protective of its family, with a hankering for boisterous barking. Like many dogs, the Puli is an energetic breed on the lookout for a job, preferably something to herd.

A Puli: Great For Picking Up Dust Bunnies Around the House

According to Animal Planet's Dogs 101, the Puli's  nonshedding coat can be brushed or corded; if brushed, it needs brushing every one to two days. If corded, the cords must be regularly separated because the coat tends to hold dirt; bathing is time consuming and drying takes as much as one day. Pets can be clipped, but then part of the breed's unique appeal is lost….and he'll look more like a swiffer than a wet mop. Learn more about the Puli dog breed here>

Mark Zuckerberg- Pricillia Chan - New Dog Puli Beast

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