WATCH: Dogs Sledding Downhill…Without a Sled

Just when you thought you'd seen Extreme Sports Sporting Dog breeds tackle just about every sport out there — snowboarding, skateboarding, dock diving, wake-boarding, motocross and even skydiving….comes the newest craze of doggie daredevils – Snow Sliding Dogs. It is just about the most hysterical thing we've the last 45 minutes, at least.

Why Do Labs Dominate This 'Sport?'

Is this whole competitive-downhill-sliding thing only a Lab thing? Does anyone know? A cursory search of 'teh internets' indicates that Labrador Retrievers are definitely dominating in this particular, lesser known Olympic activity. Do Labs have some rare sledding gene none of us knew about?

Check out these furry goofballs in action below. These redonkulous videos are sure to bust any Monday morning blues you're grappling with today! Enjoy!


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