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Meet Chaser – The Smartest Dog in the World

6a00d8341bf67c53ef0147e13cf256970b-500wi Think your dog is the smartest pup on the block? Think again!

The new reigning smarty-pants pooch, Chaser, a border collie, possesses the largest human vocabulary of any dog! Chaser, who is a female dog – naturally -  can recognize the names of more than 1,022 objects. According to a report by the New Scientist, Chaser can categorize the various objects based on function and shape as well as understand the basic concepts behind nouns and verbs! Impressive!

The last record holder, another border collie named Rico, knew 200 human words – still impressive, but Chaser's vocabulary is off the charts, putting her on intellectual par with three-year-old human children (… some adult males we know ;).

As part of a three year training course at Wofford College, taught by psychologists Alliston Reid and John Pilley. Chaser was introduced to the names of 1,022 toys. Over the three years, Reid and Pilley taught the collie the names of 1022 toys by introducing them to her one by one, getting her to fetch the toy and then repeating the name to reinforce the association. They say there's no limit to what the dog can learn! Watch the video below and watch the amazing Chaser in action! (via Discovery News).




Animal Odd Couple: Curious Cat Plays with Dolphin!

We've seen curious cats play with their food, moths, iPads and even Crocodiles …but a dolphin?! Srsly?

Check out one of the most improbable – and adorable – animal pairings you've ever seen! The folks on a tour boat certainly got a shock when their cat, Thunder, started making friends with a couple of gregarious dolphins. These unlikely friends are clearly smitten with each other – but what do you think is really happening here? Is the cat indeed nuzzling and "marking" the dolphin as some have theorized, or is it simply a case of opposites attracting? 

Either way – enjoy this darling interspecies connection!


What We’re Loving: Bradley Cooper’s Homage to His Beloved Dog

Bradley Cooper Dog Samson Hunky actor Bradley Cooper may play suavely piggish characters in box office hits such as "The Hangover" and "Wedding Crashers," but based upon a recent story in the New York Times, it's evident that in real life, he's truly a very warm, likable down to earth guy. 

Brad's For Dogs

Clearly a huge animal lover, Cooper adopted his beloved dog Samson, a German shorthaired pointer, from a kill shelter's Web site just three weeks before he was going to be euthanized. His other dog Charlotte, a chow-retriever mix, was adopted when Cooper spotted her during an adoption drive in Santa Monica, Calif. 

Sadly, Samson passed away last year and Cooper had a beautifully enormous portrait honoring Samson hung in his Pacific Palisades home (Charlotte is resting under the table). How fantastic is this portrait?! LOVE IT!

We're def fans now!

Such a sweet homage to his companion  - don't you think? We give Mr. Cooper two thumbs and twelve paws up! To read the whole story, visit The New York Times

photo source: Amanda Friedman for The New York Times

reprint courtesy of Janet McCulley's The Daily Treat at

16 Funny Pics of Rare, Elite ‘Couch Jockey’ Dog Breed

Elusive & Rare Couch Jockey Dog Breed Discovered on Couches Across America

Source: Reprint Courtesy of Janet McCulley at

Zazou (Senior) Couch Jockey

A few weeks ago I posted this ridiculous photo of my dog Zazou, demonstrating his favorite way to chill on in front of the TV. It is simply not enough for him to snuggle up in the luxurious comfort of his 1000 thread-count, eco-friendly, super-plush cuddler bed, he instead prefers the non-committal, half-on-half-off the couch situation.

Based upon your feedback and hysterical photo submissions, I can see that I am not the only one with a major Couch Jockey's in the house!

Check out the slideshow below of hysterical photos submitted from Daily Treat readers to see some of the creative ways our pets take over the couch.

A NOTE ABOUT THE SUBMISSIONS: Thanks to everyone that submitted photos! They were all hysterical!! Please note that the last pic of the (somewhat incongruent) Countertop Jockey dog has nothing to do with the couch – but we just couldn't help ourselves.

Srsly?! Have You Seen This Crazy Cat Car?

Crazy Cat Car Window Decals  Tinting Crazy Cat Car Freaks Out Drivers Across America

This redonkulous car was spotted around San Diego in the recent weeks – what on earth do you think this person is trying to communicate? 

1) Cats Across America?

2) Do not tailgate if you have allergies?

3) The window tinting shop was out of stock on the standard black window tint?

4) Cats are my co-pilot?

5) Fueled By Our Feline Founding Fathers?

Regardless of their intention, this driver is definitely freaking some people out with this floating cat head situation. What do you think this driver is trying to communicate?

Thanks to Matt Stopera for finding this gem!