Lean on Me: Seeing-Eye-Goose Adopts Blind Dog

Article-1303400584673-0BB846D300000578-63447_466x310 Take a gander at this animal odd couple!

A blind Boxer named Baks has gotten a whole new lease on life thanks to a good samaritan goose named Buttons. Yes, you read that right. This is not a joke. 

Baks has been adopted and taken under the 'wing' of Buttons, a four-year-old goose who now leads her vision-impaired pal around everywhere either by hanging onto him with her neck, or by honking to tell him which way to go. How hilarious is that?!

Owner Renata Kursa of Lublin, Poland, was heartbroken when poor lil' Bak was left blind after an accident last year. But gradually Buttons got him up on his feet and starting walking him around. They're inseparable now – they even chase the postman together,' Kursa tells the Telegraph UK. 

Go Buttons! What's good for the goose is also apparently good for…the…boxer.

Janet McCulley


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