Hoot Love: Animal Odd Couple Fum & Gebra Really Do Dance By The Light of the Moon

Have you seen the amazing friendship between this animal odd couple? Hailing from Tarragona Spain, Fum (a black cat) and Gebra (a barn owl) have been together since they were one year old. According to their handler, they truly like each other and enjoy hanging out until they are bored of each other – just like normal couples.

Watch this amazing video where Fum (which means Smoke in Catalan) and Gebra (which means Frost) play together in a field and interact like old pals. I must say that I was a bit of a skeptic about the legitimacy of this video, but my research seems to indicate that they are legitimately buddies!

What do you think? Watch the video below and weigh in >

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-Janet McCulley