hipster puppies Do You Have 'Metro Mutt?'

Do you have a male dog that has an extra spring in his step? Is he occasionally mistaken for being slightly gay? Does he particularly enjoy being groomed or shopping for gluten-free dog treats at the nicer doggie boutiques in town?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, (I did!) then you might just be the proud parent of a metrosexual mutt. In fact, my dog Zazou the Vizsla waves his 'muttro' flag quite high and we fully embrace and encourage his special fido flair.

Best Halloween Costumes for Metro Mutts

With Halloween right around the corner, you might be asking yourself – what is the best costume choice for my princess boy? Look no further – here are a few of our top Halloween costume picks for the muttro mutt. From do-it-yourself to store-bought– we've got you covered.

1) The Ambigously Gay Duo  - Batman and/or Robin. The tighter the unitard the better. 


2) Hipster Pup: Decorative specs and artfully tied scarf complete this hipster holier-than-thou look. Photo - HipsterPuppies.com



3) Pirate Boy Costume: Nothing says "Ahoy Matey!" like a satin jumpsuit and sassy red sash…right? Muttropolis.com

pirate dog costume muttropolis


4) Sailor On Leave Costume: Land 'ho! A fitted jumpsuit and smart stripes will definitely bring out the soldier in your boy.

soldier metrosexual dog costume


5) Rave Party Fairy Costume– Just add glow sticks and some techno trance and you've got yourself a party! Muttropolis.com

pink small dog halloween butterfly costume

6) Prehistoric Triceratops Dog Costume – What metro mutt doesn't appreciate a beautifully designed headdress? 

Screen shot 2011-10-05 at 5.56.22 PM


7) Prince Charming Dog Costume: No metro mutt would turn down an opportunity to wear a faux-fur lined cloak AND  bejeweled crown. Muttropolis.com

Prince Charming Dog Costume

Reprint courtesy of Janet McCulley & The Daily Treat @ AnimalPlanet.com