Awkward Holiday Family Pet Photos



The holiday is upon us, and, like clockwork, with it comes the (welcomed) barrage of well-wishing Christmas and holiday cards featuring everything from picture-perfect families in matching dockers and smartly dressed tots with toothless grins to dogs stuffed into Santa Suits. Then there are those other cards – the ones that are simply awkward…just plain wierd. As in, 'I-cannot-believe-you-sent-this-out-as-your- holiday-card-weird.' You know the ones we are referring to?

A whole lot of awkardness in one place

The genius minds behind the hilarious site Awkward Family Photos – which features cringe-worthy, embarrassing photos of fairly creepy, fashion-challenged families  - take awkwardness to a whole new level with their hysterical collection of awkward holiday family pet photos! Here are some of my favorites and check out their whole collection at

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1) Oy Vey!



2) The Giving Tree



3) That sure is one ugly baby.


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