Our friends over at Sh*t My Pets Ruined - a hilarious site dedicated to documenting and showcasing the stuff our pets have destroyed, or "..otherwise made filthy, distasteful, gross or painful" have come out with their top pics for holiday "Sh*t My Pet Ruined!" 

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With the site's permission, we've picked out our absolute favorite Sh*t My Pet Ruined submissions, featured below, along with commentary from the submitter.

Show Us Your Pics!

Do you have a pet that has creatively chewed, chomped and repurposed your carefully arranged holiday decorations?  Please feel free to share your pics with us on our Muttropolis FaceBook page or submit them to Sh*t My Pets Ruined! 

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Night 4







Our Tree


Source: Janet McCulley, The Daily Treat at AnimalPlanet.com