Fetchingly Fresh: Muttropolis Baseball Gear!

Since baseball is such a definitive summer sport, we thought to ourselves “why not pull out all the stops?” So we’re giving you everything you need to enjoy watching the baseball game at home with Bowser, just as if you were at the game itself! We’ve covered all the bases in this game – from wag-worthy dog jerseys to your Mutt’s very own Heinisniffi’n!


Your dog can choose to cheer for the home team by wearing one of our dog jerseys or our pin-striped harness. Since the best part of baseball games are the concessions (besides the actual game of course), we have a yummy vinyl hot dog toy that your dog can chew on, as well as a vinyl “Heinisniffi’n” beer toy. Now that you have the baseball game necessities, you can enjoy any game with your pup by your side!


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