Is Your Pet As Spoiled As Karl Lagerfeld’s Kitten?

Ash15GWCIAA8ghuFamed fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld just couldn't part ways with a darling white kitten he was charged with babysitting, so he did what any animal-lover worth their weight would do –  he decided to keep the cat instead! No discussion. The kitten was not leaving his house!

The wee white fluff-ball, named Choupette, has now found herself living quite the life of luxury under Lagerfeld's care. Forget cat nip and designer kitty furniture– Choupette eats with Lagerfeld at the table, sleeps on his pillows, and plays with an iPad. Not only that, Choupette also enjoys the service of two housekeepers who apparently wait on her day and night. The maids have even been keeping a diary (of nearly 600 pages!) of the cat's activities. 

She even has her own twitter account, @ChoupettesDiary, with 6,800 followers and counting. Now what could a cat be tweeting about?

Are your pets this spoiled? If so – share your stories below!

Source: MSNBC
Image Source: @KarlLegerfeld 

Source: Janet McCulley, The Daily Treat at

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