A Site To See: Goofy Rufio Ricardo [PHOTOS]

The Best-Dressed Pooch In Town

Rufio Ricardo is a fun-lovin mastiff pup, with a fantastic flair for costume finery and mugging for the camera. His Jabba The Hut impression is uncanny. Check out some of our favorites of the big guy and find more Rufio goofiness at on his Facebook Fan Page

Rufio Ricardo as a viking
Rufio auditioning for a role in Game of Thrones?

Rufio fast asleep
Rufio's Jabba the Hut Impression


Rufio goes fishing
Nemo done be found.

Rufio dressed as a bunny
Rufio rockin' those bunny slippers. So boss.

Check out more fun photos at Rufio Ricardo's fan page.

Janet McCulley, The Daily Treat at AnimalPlanet.com

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