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Grand Theft Tortoise: Kitten Rolls In Style As Tortoise Traveler [VIDEO]

Kitten riding a tortoiseThey see me rollin'

We've seen them on roombas, in boxes, and even dogs, but a tortoise? Come on!

Watch this killer kitten hitch a ride on none other than a tortoise. It may be a slow mode of transport, but it is the absolute cutest ride we have ever seen. At least the slow pace gives the kitten time to take in the scenery around him.

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 By Janet McCulley, The Daily Treat at


The Halloween Boo-Tique is Now Open!

I don’t
know about you, but here at Muttropolis, Halloween is one of our favorite times
of the year! With that being said, we try to go “all out” – costumes, toys,
sweaters, the whole nine yards – to make your Halloween the spookiest and most
fun event of the year!


to-die-for costumes will get all the trick-or-treaters talking! From the
stylish Pirate Girl to the puffy Jack-O-Lantern to the lovable Shaggy Duck,
there are many fun styles to choose from. If your pooch isn’t the costume type,
our Halloween sweaters will keep your pooch warm during the evening walk, while
still looking festive. Or, if your dog prefers to be au naturale, we have
Halloween themed collars and leashes, as well as a festive reversible bandana. And
last but not least, adorable corduroy toys are a perfect treat for your pup and
will fit right in with your Halloween décor. So, what are you waiting for? We
have your pooch prepared for one of the biggest holidays of the year!

Halloween is an exciting time for you and your dog, but it is important to be
safe! Here are some tips on how to make Halloween a safe and fun holiday for
you and your pup:

  1. Costume fitting: If your dog is
    wearing a costume, try on the costume before the big night to make sure
    your dog is completely comfortable. Safety is key, so make sure the
    costume isn’t keeping your dog from breathing, barking, etc.
  2. Don’t let your dog eat the
    Halloween candy! It could cause some problems for your dog, and no one
    wants that!
  3. Keep wires and cords out of
    reach of reach – if your dog chews or nibbles on these, it could cause
    burns, cuts or an electrical shock.

Creative Corgi Condiment Stand [PHOTO]

Corgi condiment stand

Crafty Corgi Takes Tailgating To A Whole New Level

Here's a fun and practical summer project for all you DIY'ers out there: The Corgi condiment stand.

Procure one Corgi, strap on a vest  (with pockets) and now you have a mobile condiment stand. If you would prefer a higher, counter-height codiment holder, we recommend procuring either a labrador or great dane.

Enjoy your barbecue with your corgiments!

Cuteness Overload Motherlode: Tiny Kitten Takes On Patient Doberman [VIDEO]

cute kitten takes on doberman video

This Just Might Be The Video That Breaks The Internet

Please do not blame us if the internet breaks entirely due to the nearly unbearable cuteness of this video – which will forever change the way you see Dobermans…and kittens for that matter. Cutness aside, this video surely demonstrates that domestic animals are only vicious if human beings make them so. 

Enjoy and thanks to our friends at LifeWithDogs for sharing this with us!

By Janet McCulley, The Daily Treat at

French Bulldog + Flowing Cape = Instant Mood Enhancement [PHOTO]

Ohwhatfa (4)

Caped Frenchie Kicks Up Heels, Takes Flight. Sort Of

Words cannot express the joy and exuberance that this little smoosh-faced Frenchie is exuding. Sadly, we will never know what brought him such profound joy, but let's face it – wearing a cape just changes the way you feel. YKWIM? Am I right or am I right?