Save 33% On Mutt Munchers During the Month of May!

Our much
loved Mutt Munchers are the “Treat of the Month” for May! Delicious,
nutritious and made fresh in local Southern California,
these grain-free dog treats, exclusive to Muttropolis, are 33% off all month

in a wide variety of flavors, Mutt Munchers are sure to compliment any pup’s
dietary needs and preferences. Our current assortment includes Peanut Butter Poppers, Blueberry, Banana Split, Salmon Snappers, Bacon Bites, Liver Lovers, and the new and improved Meatball, now made with more meat! All flavors are grain-free and
include only all natural, human-grade ingredients. Garbonzo beans take the
place of grain, resulting in a tasty treat that is packed with protein and a
good source of dietary fiber.

Why choose
grain-free? Grains are a common allergy in dogs and can cause itchiness and
other uncomfortable symptoms. Because grains take much longer to break down in
the stomach, dogs often have trouble digesting them. Sticking with food and treats
that are grain-free will make a positive impact on any pup’s health.

One of our
loyal Muttropolis customers described her and her pup’s happiness with the
Bacon Bites Mutt Munchers as such:

These treats are wonderful! They
smell absolutely delicious, which is a refreshing change from most commercially
available dog treats. They are the perfect size for providing a small snack,
without having to worry about my corgi putting on weight. They are a good
value, as well. One bag lasts about 2 months, and that’s with giving her 1-2
treats each day. – CorgiSD from San Diego

nutritious and cost efficient, Mutt Munchers are a great addition to any dog’s
diet! So don’t miss out, they are only on sale from May 1st through May
31st. Online customers can redeem this special offer at by using the code MUNCH33
at checkout. The promotion is also being offered at all three of our Southern California store