Keep Your Pets Flea Free, Naturally!

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an abundance of flea and tick prevention products on the market, surrounded
with a great deal of press and controversy, shopping for a safe and successful product
for your pup can be quite a confusing hassle! But not to worry, Muttropolis is
here to help. We have a Natural Flea & Tick Control Collection that
offers many safe alternative options to keep your pet healthy, happy and flea
and tick free!

All NaturalWhy
do we only carry all-natural remedies? Well we know that prolonged exposure to
chemicals is not good for humans, so why should it be okay for your pet? This
is why we believe in finding only all-natural alternatives to prevent and
control flea and tick infestations. While many chemical-based products seem to
do the trick, they can be dangerous when not used properly and have in many
cases lead to serious illness and death in pets. Reports have demonstrated a
link between chemicals commonly used in flea and tick products to other serious
health problems, so it is very important for pet owners to be educated on
what’s safe and what’s not. Let us help educate you. Below you’ll find more
information about the products in our Natural Flea & Tick Control Collection.

Flea Free Food SupplementFlea Free Food Supplement: Keep your pet flea free the
natural way with this food supplement! Liquid based, this formula contains
garlic (which boasts over 200 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes) and
vinegar (packed with over 90 nutrients such as essential amino acids, helpful
vitamins, minerals and enzymes). When used daily, Flea Free prohibits
blood-feeding insects from biting and prevents the laying of eggs. For more
information click here.

Arctick Non Toxic Tick Removal Spray: A safe
and 100% effective alternative to typical tick pesticide treatments, Arctick is
a FDA registered non-toxic spray that instantly freezes and kills ticks on
contact. By immobilizing the tick before removal, you can effectively stop the
transmission of fluids between the tick and your pet. Designed to prevent the
spread of infectious disease which may occur during the removal of a tick.
Tweezers are included. For more information click here.

Richard's Organics Flea & Tick ShampooRichard’s Organics Flea Dog Shampoo
Naturally gentle, safe, and formulated to kill fleas without subjecting your
dog or puppy to the harsh chemicals found in traditional flea shampoos. This
100% all-natural flea shampoo is safe for dogs and puppies over 12 weeks of
age. Also repels mosquitoes. For more information click here.

Richard’s Organics Flea and Tick Dog Spray
Formulated to kill and repel fleas and ticks for up to four weeks without
exposing your pet and family to harsh chemicals. Safe for dogs and cats over 12
weeks old and safe for use around children. This spray helps sooth irritated
skin with Chamomile and Aloe Vera extracts. For more information click here.

Shoo! Tag: Creates a protective barrier from targeted pests,
reaching maximum strength within 36 hours after attachment. When used as
instructed, the three dimensional electromagnetic field embedded in the
magnetic strip utilizes the power of the bio-energetic field which surrounds
all living things to create a frequency barrier around pets for up to four
months. Chemical-free, odor-free and safe for pets, people and the planet! For
more information click here.

Flea Dog CombFlea Dog Comb
: Simple and easy to use, just comb in the
direction of hair growth, pulling the comb up and out of your pet’s coat to
remove fleas, eggs and debri. The ergonomic handle is easy on hands and wrists.
Recommended for all dogs and cats. For more information click here.

of our Natural Flea & Tick Control Products can be found in our
three store locations or online at We hope to
help you keep your pup flea and tick free this season!