Warning on Jerky Treats from the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration issued an alert to consumers this week about the illnesses and deaths tied to jerky treats from China. Nearly 600 pets have died and over 3,600 have reported illness after eating chicken, duck and sweet potato jerky treats.  The biggest problem is they cannot figure out the cause when testing contaminants.

Rest assured, we’ve researched our food and treat sources and we do not carry these treats or any treats made in China for that matter.  But we know that many pups just love those jerky treats, so we sniffed out the best alternative made right here in the USA.

Bixby Jerky treats are available in a delicious chicken flavor and they have 2 healthy formulas: Hip and Joint or Skin and Coat.  Both are free of wheat, corn, soy, preservatives and animal byproducts.

Bixby Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Also a Chicken jerky treat, Tuckers, is an all-natural, grain-free, gluten-free treat  that  is  hand rolled in Wisconsin using chicken breast sourced in the United States and Canada. They are even produced under USDA oversight from 100% human grade raw ingredients, so you know they are safe for your pup!

Tuckers Chicken Jerky TreatsAnother taste-tester favorite are Primal Dry Roasted Chicken Shredders. Made with chicken raised in the United States without antibiotics or added hormones, these treats are a healthy, high-protein snack.
Primal Dry Roasted Chicken Shredders

And for those sweet potato lovers, we have these delicious Sweet Potato treats. Not only do dogs love them, but they have a pro-biotic coating promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract in support of your dog`s digestive system.

Sweet potato dog treats

Whatever you choose to treat your pet, know that you are safe with us! Come by and see us for a taste test sometime!