Fetchingly Fresh: Beach Collection for Your Beach Bum

Dog Beach Style

Summer has arrived which means our Dog Beach Collection is here! This collection is packed with everything you’ll need for your pooch at the beach including apparel, toys, collars, leashes and more. Let the beach trips begin!


Our summer apparel is stylish and lightweight – perfect for the beach! Our floral dress is perfect for the furry diva that loves to dress up for any occasion, especially for a summer dinner party! If your idea of going to the beach is during an evening stroll, then the Ocean Critters Hoody Tank is ideal! It’s sleeveless but has a hood just in case your pup’s ears get cold. For those that would rather have stylish neckwear than full-on apparel, we have some adorable reversible Hawaiian-themed bandanas in red and blue – made for a luau!

  Floral and Turquoise Dress  Ocean Critters Dog Tank Hoody  Red Hawaiian Dog Bandana

Want to have your pup feeling a little “beachy keen” around their neck? We have some awesome beach-themed collars and leashes available, like our Beach Ball Collar and Leash. This dynamic duo will make your Bowser feel like the king of the beach! For those that love water-skiing, but don’t want to take their pups on the boat ride, we have brought the water-skiing to you (sort of) in the form of a leash! Our Water-Ski Rope Leash not only looks like a water-ski rope, but it’s super strong – perfect for those big or strong dogs!

  Beach Ball Dog Collar   Water Ski Rope Dog Leash

When picking out the toys for this collection, our team wanted a perfect mix of fun, entertaining and water-resistant choices. With these intentions in mind, they have delivered! If your pup is a water dog, the Neoprene Loopie toy is a match made in heaven – because they’re made of neoprene, these toys float and are made to be in water! For those that love plush toys, we have a plethora to choose from – from adorable Ocean Critters to a Crab with a squeaker ball inside to our favorite “Don’t Worry, Be Yappy” Bottle Toy, your dog will fall in love! Lastly, our latex selection, including the funny Swimsuit Chickens and even funnier Heiniesniff’n Beer Toy, is a latex toy lover’s dream.

Neoprene Water Loopie Dog Toy  Dont Worry Be Yappy Dog Toy  Swimsuit Chicken Latex Dog Toy

When taking your pup to the beach, it’s important to make sure they are hydrated at all times – it gets hot out there in the sun and sand! Our beach-friendly Jr. Gulpy Water Dispenser and Ruffwear Collapsible Bowl are the perfect size and will easily fit into any beach bag.

Junior Gulpy Water Dispenser   Ruffwear Bivy Dog Bowl

Lastly, because it’s important to get your pup cleaned up after their fun in the sun, we have Eco Bamboo Pet Wipes to save the day! These all-natural wipes are made with organically grown bamboo and offer a fast and convenient way to clean away dirt and odor from your pet’s face, ears and body. These are a must have for the beach season! 

To get the full taste of our Dog Beach Collection, stop by one of our Southern California store locations or visit us at Muttropolis.com!