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Shopping goes to the dogs at Newport Beach’s Fashion Island mall




We mutts were pleased as pie when Los Angeles Times reporter Susannah Rosenblatt gave Muttropolis Fashion Island a shout out in her story in last week’s edition of the LA Times. Read the LA Times story here.

We couldn’t agree more with Susannah that a shopping trip quickly becomes an adventure when you have your pooch in tow….you meet interesting people and often experience a warmer, more engaging side of strangers and retail clerks alike when you have a pooch in your mall-trolling posse.

We certainly are thrilled that Fashion Island has embraced the "Pup Culture!"



Muttropolis Cowboy Hat

– post by SchmoeSchmoo

Book Signing Event on May 13th with Merle’s Door Author Ted Kerasote

We had fun at our book signing this evening. Kirby got to see his old friend Ted, whom he likes very much.
We served wine with cheese and crackers and I was prepared for a slide show presentation. Ted had planned a 30 minute reading of his book. We let the crowd vote and they choose the full presentation with the slide show at the end. Everyone crowded around and we used whatever seating options we had. I gave some of the restless doggies one of Kirby and Kramer’s chewies and they settled in for the story. It was very touching and there was many wet eyes. We sold 20 books all on a dreary Tuesday night !!
It rained most of the day but I am really excited and proud of how tonight turned out.
Even Ted was surprised and touched 🙂 (literally, I got 2 hugs)

Click here to hear another story about this event.


Spaw Day: La Jolla, CA

Spaw day was a great success, with several happy Doga Yoga dogs and even more pampered pooches who enjoyed a TTouch Massage! There were rice cake and veggie snacks for the humans with all natural lemonade on hand for a refreshing drink. For the dogs there was also cucumber water and healthful treat options. People mingled and talked about the importance of over all health, bathing, and what to look for when shopping for a good dog food.

Our goodie bags with botanical shampoo, stain removers, and two kinds of cookies (Muttshrooms and Buddy Cookies!) were also a big hit. The whole event was very zen and enjoyable!

A Different Kind of “Pit” Stop



Photo Caption: It’s the Pitts: Overzealous Pit Crew Member

Our favorite story this week hails from Vacaville, California.

According to TV news station WGAL, a Vacaville man found a concerned and slightly grimey pit bull stuck in the engine of his
truck and chewing through wires Tuesday morning, his family said. Walter
Witthoeft had just woken up and went outside to put power steering
fluid in his truck. When he popped the hood, he saw a pair of eyes,
heard growling and then noticed a dog wiggling around in his engine.

The poor pooch eventually was able to wiggle out and animal service brought it to a county shelter.

Poor doggy (…let’s call him Brad, Brad Pit..) what he was thinking?  Perhaps he was an associate at Quiki Mart Lube n’ Tune in a prior life? A member of a pit crew? Needless to say, we hope that his new-found stardom garners him a loving forever home with a fellow automotive aficionado.

Note to his new parents: Since chewing through automotive air hoses and engine wire can be cost prohibitive (and dangerous), we suggest you peruse the  Muttropolis Extra Tough Dog Toys department.

– submitted by Schmoe-schmoo

The Taming of the ‘Schmoo:’ Theatrical dog house seeks new home.

Do you have a four-legged bard in your yard? Look no further.

photo caption: Fluffy mystery mutt ‘Schmoo’ stars
in the off-off-off-off-off broadway performance of
"The Taming of the Schmoo."


It all started when we got a phone call last week from a lovely Muttropolis customer, we’ll call her "D.R.," indicating that she was in possession of a large dog house that is an exact miniaturized replica of  The Old Globe Theatre.

"…say what? A replica of the Old Globe?"

Yes, the Old Globe Theatre. The one in Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.  Complete with hardwood floors, windows, curtains, operable skylights and fire-safe shingles, the house even a features an itty-bitty will-call window.

D.R. further explained how the original owner of the dog house / theatre had won it at an auction for approximately $3500, however, upon further investigation, the auction winners discovered they were unable to fit said house into their yard or through their fence for that matter.

So now D.R. is ‘minding the house’ and "…wouldn’t it be great if we, Muttropolis, could take the house and help find a worthy cause to donate it to, using our store and online community to identify the perfect charitable cause?"

After some discussion among fellow Muttropolitans as to where we’d put the house, we agreed that this was a wonderful opportunity to help raise funds for a needy cause and that we could have some fun with it.

So we are now the proud foster parents of a miniature Old Globe Theatre (or The Thee-ahh-tuh" as we call it.) and we’re accepting ideas from worthy San Diego-based animal-related causes that would like to partner with us and find a new home for the house! Send your ideas to with the subject line "Theatre".

– posted by Schmoe-schmoo

Train that Canine: 4/19/2008

After weeks of searching, we were finally able to find the perfect Trainer to bring into our little world. On Saturday, April 19th, Muttropolis Fashion Island was proud to present "Train that Canine" with trainer Sue Myles.

Sue had come highly recommended to us by some very dear and regular customers.
She has been training dogs since 1974. (She also use to be a stand up comedian…and boy does it show!!)

"Choke chains, pinch and shock collars are relics in the world of dog training" states Sue. She has a very practical approach to dog training and incorporates humor and a light heart into the whole event.

At about 1pm on Saturday, a cozy group of people, both new and returning clients, gathered in our store to meet Sue and get some tips on how to make their furry friends happy and healthy. She was very interactive with the group, both humans and canines, practicing different training techniques on almost everyones dog.
After more than an hour and a half of laughing, joking and training the group separated refreshed and armed with new ideas about Force Free training.

Team Mutt FI

Boulder Canine Classic

Wow!  1100 runners, over 700 dogs, 120 volunteers, 25 vendors, 1 beautiful day, 9 staff members and a great cause!

MESA’s annual Canine Classic took place at the Boulder Reservoir. Runners and walkers participated in 5K or 10K races with and without their four legged friends. The proceeds benefited MESA (Moving to End Sexual
Assault) and was a lot of fun.

Thank you for being there!  You added great spirit and we appreciate all your efforts on MESA’s behalf!

Team Mutt Boulder

Cat’s Meow

On Friday, April 18, 2008 approx 120 guests showed up at Muttropolis, Tucson, to support the Hermitage Cat Shelter, Arizona’s first no-kill cat shelter.  Guests enjoy live jazz music, wine tasting and food from fine dining located within the La Encantada Mall

There was a live auction featuring paintings done by Hermitage’s very own cat residents.  The artists were either cats that are permanent residents (not eligible for adoption due to serious injury or illness) or cats that have recently passed away but had been residents for several years. 

The paintings were selling at up to $600 a piece.

A fashion show followed featuring human fashions provided by stores located in La Encantada Mall.
The event is estimated to have almost doubled their donations from last year of $10.000.

Team Mutt LE