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Can’t Wag Without: Estela and Reggie + Ricky


Meet Estela, one of our buyers at Muttropolis, and her pups, Regina and Ricky. Reggie is small and sassy, while Ricky is like a big teddy bear. These two are part of our modeling crew and wanted to share a few things they can’t wag without!

Reggie is your quintessential Jack Russell – busy, busy, busy! She loves going on walks, but gets a little too excited and pulls on the leash a lot. Her Buddy Belt not only is comfortable, but it eliminates pressure on Reggie’s tracheal area because of its unique step-in design. Buddy belts are genuine leather, so they are extremely long lasting – Reggie’s had hers for five years! Added bonus: once Reggie’s in the harness, she can’t get out, which is a good thing if she’s feeling feisty!


Ricky is a fan of chews, with his favorite being the Braided Bully Stick. These all-natural, long-lasting chews are only made with one ingredient: free-range grass-fed cattle sourced from Brazil. The braided texture makes it perfect for maintaining oral health and encouraging good breath. But always keep an eye on your pups when they are gnawing any chew!  Ricky

Estela often changes Ricky and Reggie's collars, whether it's for product testing or just a new look so extra engravable ID tags are a must-have item. If they ever get out or wander away when traveling, the finder will have all your information and can let you know they have your pup.

Lastly, Reggie and Ricky could absolutely NEVER wag without their Bowsers Beds! Their matching beds have micro-velvet fabric and a high-memory polyester fiberfill inner cushion, making them super comfy and perfect for a good night’s sleep. The dog’s aren’t the only ones that love these beds – Estela loves these beds because washing them is a breeze – the cover unzips and can be either hand-washed or thrown in the washing machine!

Dig This Deal: Enjoy $4 Off Mutt Munchers in May!

Mutt Munchers Dog TreatsIt’s that time again, time to enjoy whooper savings on our very own, much loved Mutt Munchers dog treats! For the whole month of May we’ll be offering $4 off every bag, reducing the regular price of $11.99 to $7.99. Mutt Munchers are a must try, they’re delicious, nutritious, grain-free, and made fresh locally in Southern California.

Available in a variety of flavors, there are Mutt Munchers to please every pup’s preferences and complement their dietary needs. Our assortment includes Peanut Butter Poppers, Blueberry, Granny Ginger’s Snappers, Salmon Snappers, Bacon Bites, Liver Lovers, and Meatball. All flavors are grain-free and include only all-natural, human-grade ingredients. Garbonzo beans take the place of grains, resulting in a tasty treat packed full of protein and dietary fiber.

Grain FreeGrain-free is the way to be! If your pup isn’t currently on a grain-free diet it is worth considering. Grains are a common allergy in dogs and can cause itchiness and other uncomfortable symptoms. Because grains take much longer to break down in the stomach, dogs often have trouble digesting them. Sticking with food and treats that are grain-free will make a positive impact on any pup’s health.

One of our loyal Muttropolis customers described her and her pup’s happiness with the Bacon Bites Mutt Munchers as such:

These treats are amazing! I have a very picky Chihuahua and I struggle with finding a treat that’s healthy, not too expensive, and that she’ll eat. Not only does she eat Mutt Munchers, but she LOVES them! I love to see her little tail wiggling with excitement everytime I bring a bag home! They are crunchy, which gives her something to work on, but still easy enough to break in half so I can make them last. I just love Mutt Munchers, and so do my dogs!

Delicious, nutritious and cost efficient, Mutt Munchers make a great addition to any dog’s diet! Visit us online or in one of our Southern California store locations to enjoy these May savings! Online customers can redeem their discount by entering MOREMUNCH at checkout.

Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires 05/31/2014.

Can’t Wag Without

An insider’s look at what Muttropolis dogs can’t wag without.


Meet Gatsby, a Boxer rescue, and his proud Mama Ria, a member of the Muttropolis pack. Gatsby was adopted in July of last year weighing in at a measly 57 pounds and suffering from pnemonia. Ria came to Gatsby’s rescue and now he is a very healthy and happy 71 pounds. He is spoiled with the luxuries of being a Muttropolis pup, acting as a “product tester” of sorts, but Ria can attest that if she really wants to get Gatsby’s tail wagging, she must turn to a few of his favorite things.

Gatsby + Ria

Plato Thinkers + Tucker’s Chicken Breast with Bacon

Plato Thinkers Dog Treat SticksGatsby is hooked on the ginkgo baloba in these so called “Smart Dog Snacks,” the Duck variety being his favorite. Plato Thinkers are made from only all-natural and organic ingredients, they are fortified with antioxidant vitamins, a great source of iron, and with ginkgo biloba they even nourish brain function. Watch out Ria, Gatsby may start outsmarting you with these in his daily diet!

Tucker’s Chicken Breast Dog Treats also get Gatsby’s tail wagging. Gatsby gets to enjoy these when he deserves something decadent, and according to Ria that’s more often than not! His favorite flavor is made with just two simple ingredients, human grade chicken wrapped in bacon. Yum yum.

Fleece Stick Animals + Talking Toys

Being a big boy, Gatsby generally gravitates towards larger dog toys. Currently he can’t get enough of his Huge Monkey Stick Dog Toy. Fun to carry around and cuddle up with, Gatsby’s monkey is never far from him, even when he’s playing outside. Gatsby also gets a kick out of talking toys. When Ria gives them a sound activating squeeze, Gatsby perks up and leaps to play.

Huge Monkey Stick Dog Toy

The One & Only Katie Puff Bed

Plush Companion Katie Puff Dog BedAt the end of each day, or simply when Ria is away, Gatsby loves to cuddle up in his Animals Matter Plush Companion Katie Puff Dog Bed. Generously overstuffed with down-like fiberfill and covered in lavish chenille, Katie Puff dog beds bring luxury to a whole new level and lucky Gatsby agrees. Ria enjoys the easily removable cover. All she needs to do is unzip to clean in cold water and hang dry.

Luxury Leather Collars

Gatsby is short haired and has sensitive skin so Ria keeps him in leather dog collars of the highest quality, often handcrafted. Collars are a great way to highlight a pup’s personality, but they’re often also representative of the owner’s preferences. Ria is a huge fan of decorated leather collars, so Gatsby is always adorned in turquoise stones or metal embellishments, making him all the more handsome.

Turquoise on Chocolate Leather Dog Collar

Belmont Raised Bowl

Belmont Elevated Dog BowlIf you haven’t noticed already, Gatsby is living a life of luxury, so of course he dines in style too. Since he’s taller in stature, Ria knew the importance of investing in an elevated dog feeder. Raised feeders are recommended by veterinarians to help prevent pups from gulping down their food, which reduces air intake and the possibility of bloat and gas. Being a sophisticated pup, Gatsby dines in a Belmont Elevated Dog Bowl.

What keeps your pup wagging?

All products mentioned can be found in Muttropolis stores or at

Dig This Deal: Save 25% On Mutt Munchers During the Month of November!

Muttropolis Mutt Munchers
Our much
loved Mutt Munchers are the Treat of the Month for November!
Delicious, nutritious and made fresh in Southern
California, these grain-free dog treats, exclusive to Muttropolis,
are 25% off all month long. And our very popular seasonal flavors, Crown Roast
and Pumpkin Pie, have arrived just in time for the savings!

Salmon Snappers Mutt MunchersAvailable
in a wide variety of flavors, Mutt Munchers are sure to compliment any pup’s
dietary needs and preferences. Year round we carry Peanut Butter, Blueberry,
Salmon Snappers, Bacon Bites, Liver Lovers, and Meatball.
All flavors are grain-free and include only all natural, human-grade
ingredients. Garbonzo beans take the place of grain, resulting in a tasty treat
that is packed with protein and a good source of dietary fiber.

Why choose
grain-free? Grains are a common allergy in dogs and can cause itchiness and
other uncomfortable symptoms. Because grains take much longer to break down in
the stomach, dogs often have trouble digesting them. Sticking with food and treats
that are grain-free will make a positive impact on any pup’s health.

One of our loyal
Muttropolis customers described her and her pup’s happiness with the Pumpkin
Pie Mutt Munchers
as such:

Peanut Butter Poppers Mutt MunchersMy dog absolutely loves these
treats! I almost want to eat one for myself they smell so good! I love the fact
that they are grain free and all the ingredients used to make them are
something I would eat myself. My pup gives these 2 thumbs up!

nutritious and cost efficient, Mutt Munchers are a great addition to any dog’s
diet! So don’t miss out, they are only on sale from November 1st
through November 30th. Online customers can redeem their 25% off
savings by shopping online at
and entering MUNCHSAVE at
checkout. This promotion is also being offered at all three Southern California
Muttropolis store locations.

Mutt Tested & Approved: Liquid Health K9 Glucosamine

We always
love to share the exciting, adorable and just plain fun products with you, but
sometimes we have to get a little serious when it comes to our pets' health.
There are so many nutritional products out there, it's hard to know which ones
to trust. You may have noticed that our Natural Dog Supplements department doesn't
take up aisles and aisles of floor space and there's a reason for that – we
only pick the best! 

Labs Running

mobility was a common problem we heard from our customers as their dogs grew
older, so we sought out to find the best solution to keep those pups playing
long into the later years of life. Did you know that roughly 25% of all dogs
develop joint mobility issues over their lifetime? It’s a very unfortunate
occurrence, but we knew there had to be something out there to help. So we
started researching and that's when we found Liquid Health K9 Glucosamine, an
liquid all-natural vitamin supplement formulated to help your dog continue
to enjoy an active lifestyle while managing their joint problems.

to some of it's competitors, we liked that K-9 Glucosamine contained no sugar,
starch, wheat, gluten, yeast, milk, corn, or soy derivatives and because it is
in liquid form, your pup is able to absorb the nutrients quickly and
efficiently, offering much quicker results than tablets. Active ingredients include
glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, manganese chelate, and hyaluronic acid.
Inactive ingredients include 100% pure aloe vera juice, citric acid, potassium
sorbate, purified water, sodium benzoate, stevia, and vegetable glycerin. For
more specific nutrition facts, you can refer to the K9 Glucosamine product description on

Liquid Health K9 Glucosamine
Liquid Health 5000
manufacturer suggests it's best to include K9 Glucosamine in your pup’s regime
at a young age rather than waiting until they are experiencing joint problems.
They say starting early
is highly beneficial as the glucosamine and chondroitin are both easily
absorbed natural substances that may stimulate the production of proteoglycans
which help maintain health and resiliency of joints and connective
tissues. We've tested this out with our
own dogs over the past few years and so far there haven't been any major joint
issues as they age.

Liquid Health K9 Glucosamine
is sold in 8oz and 32oz sizes, each with
specific dosing instructions included on the packaging. Doses should be
administered during or after your dog has eaten to reduce incidence of
gastrointestinal upset. Refrigeration is required after opening, and please
keep in mind that as with any natural product, color and taste may vary and
some settling is normal so shake well before administering.  

We have
found Liquid Health to be the most comprehensive line of liquid
nutritional supplements available for people and animals. The company filled a
niche back in 1991 with their liquid formulas as they are not only a solution
for those who have a problem swallowing pills or digesting tablets, they also
provide quicker, more efficient absorption.

Liquid Health Logo
If you
think you may need a more powerful version of K9 Glucosamine, the
same manufacturer offers Liquid Health 5000 which is a stronger
formula. Or, if you are interested in an all-natural multivitamin for
your pup, they also make Liquid Health Fido Nutrients, which is packed
with a balance if healthy vitamins and minerals. You can find any of these
products online at or in one of our three Southern
California Muttropolis store locations.

An Innovative New Dog Harness to Beat the Heat and Kick the Cold

Can you
believe it, a harness that is perfect for every season!
Especially great for pups that have sensitivities to extreme weather
conditions, this dual-action Cooling and Warming Dog Harness with Gel Pack was
specially designed by a veterinarian for canine physiology, and can improve the
overall comfort and health of your dog. 
Cooling and Warming Dog Harness with Gel Pack

Featuring gel-pack
technology, the Cooling and Warming Dog Harness regulates your dog’s body temperatures,
protects their sensitive cardiovascular system, and prevents hypo- or
hyperthermia more effectively than traditional coats, sweaters and cooling
vests. It’s powerful heating and cooling effects are applied directly to your
dog’s chest and belly where they exchange the most heat, and is also where
their skin is thinnest and the cardiovascular system is located. What about
those days when weather isn’t extreme? Simply remove the gel pack and use as a
normal harness!

harness is adjustable around the neck and chest, features two quick-release
buckles, a D-ring for easy leash attachment, and one reusable gel pack. Gel
pack insert is nontoxic and microwavable and freezable to provide your pup’s
desired results. Specific, step-by-step instructions for heating are included
as well.

Gel Pack

So take a
look at this innovative new Cooling and Warming Dog Harness, and if you like
what you see, stop worrying about the effects of extreme summer or winter weather
on your pup!

Our Customers Love…

Our customers love...

receiving rave reviews on some of our customers’ favorite products, we figured
it was time to share them with you, and let you know why they’re so popular. As
we know, having the endorsement of pleased pets and their parents can make shopping
much easier!

Companion Car SeatsCruising with canines. First up
are car seats. Our customers and their pets love to travel together,
whether on a cross-country adventure or a quick trip to the beach. A car seat
gives your pet a comfortable place of their own with a much
better view of the scenery. They are easy to install and covered in cozy,
machine-washable fabrics like micro-fiber or sherpa.

Blue and Brown Floral Print Dog Bed CoverInnovative dog bedding at its finest. Another
customer favorite are our dog bed duvet covers, an eco-friendly bedding option that allows customers the freedom to regularly
swap out their pup’s bedding effortlessly and affordab ly! They’re great for
recovering an old bed or stuffing a new one with pillows, blankets or even
clothes. All of our duvet covers are durable, washable, pre-shrunk and
available in fun, fashionable prints to complement any home décor.

Sneak around in style. Many of our
customers are in the market
Messenger Dog Carrier
for the perfect “undercover bag” to keep their pup
. To meet the needs and preferences of those customers, we
recently expanded our handbag style dog carrier collection, which is  now packed
full of fashion-forward options that will cause people to double-take and let
pups  travel comfortably! Wild prints, couture designs and soft slings all
included, many airline approved.

Woodsman Double Diner Raised Dog FeederThe function behind raised feeders.
feeders, with their ergonomic design, have been a favorite for years, but what
you might not know, and many of our customers are realizing, is that there is
more function behind raised feeders. Most importantly, they aid in
digestion. Elevated eating helps to prevent pups from eating too quickly, which
reduces bloating and you guessed it, the amount of air outtake!

Personalization and peace of mind.
personalized product offerings continue to grow, and our Custom Embroidered Dog Collarcustomers sure are
loving it! Custom embroidered collars are a stylish, tag-free alternative to keeping
your pup safe
. Each collar is embroidered with the dog’s name and owner’s
phone number so that in the unfortunate event the pup goes missing, they won’t
be lost for long. Made in the USA
and available in fun color combinations to suite every pup’s personality!

So no need
to take our advice, take if from our customers! Visit one of our three store
or visit us online to shop these products. We’re always eager
to hear from our customers and welcome your reviews of the products you’ve
purchased. Simply find that product on our website and scroll down to write
your review.

WATCH: Muttropolis Talks Dog Poop on NBC’s Today Show!

In case you missed it: Watch Muttropolis Co-Founder Janet McCulley talk with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about pet product trends and dog poop — on an apple! Seriously.

Last week we shared how thrilled we were to be invited to appear on the Today Show with none other than Hoda and Kathie Lee to talk about some of our favorite pet products. Without hesitation  we whisked off from California only a few hours later with our favorite dog toys, treats (and poop bags!) in tow for some fun in the Big Apple! 

Everyone at the NBC studios were so incredibly warm and welcoming, and we had an absolute fantastic experience—brief as it was!  All the innovative pet products featured during the segment can be found here at Muttropolis or on The Today Show website here! In case you missed the segment, check out the video below and be amused!


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Ruffwear: Top Choice of Pro Surf Dogs

On Board
Keeping Surf Dogs Safe in the Swells

Considered the "world's largest dog surfing event" with attendance topping nearly 4,000 last year, the annual Dog Surf-a-thon benefitting the Helen Woodward Animal Center was last week  and I turned to my friend and surfing dog aficionado Michael Uy, owner of Abbie Girl the Extreme Sports Dog, (at right) to find out what gear he considers to best for keeping the longboarding Lhasa-ahpso's safe in the swells. 

"People have several reactions when they see Abbie surfing on her own at the beach," Michael tells The Daily Treat, "But what always surprises me is the interest in her life jacket (never mind the custom board she's riding!). Most people have never seen a doggie flotation device, more don't know what they're for, and nearly everyone wants to know where to get them." 

Why a Doggy Life Vest?

A doggy life vest is great for any dog that likes playing in water, whether it's shredding waves or paddling around in a lake. 

"For surf dogs like Abbie, a doggy life vest has the added job of protecting her in a wipeout," says Michael, "so we use a pretty serious vest. We've tried tons of vests since Abbie started surfing 2 years ago."

ruffwear float coat surfing dog
Top Five Reasons Michael Picks the Ruffwear Float Coat 

Of all the field testing he's conducted, Michael and Abbie have settled on the Ruffwear Float Coat and here are Michael's top five reasons:

1) It looks awesome. Everyone knows you only surf as good as you look! There are two styles, and each comes in a few colors. Yellow is the easiest to spot in the ocean, especially if you're going deep to impress the dog surfing judges! I even love these little velcro clasps that tie-off the excess straps once you've fitted the vest to your dog. There are also NO flaps to fold over, or things to tuck in, like many other vests. The Ruffwear looks sleek, compact, and clean.

2) They have the most float. Ruffwear Floatcoats are the "floatiest" vests we've tried, which means it's much easier for your dog to paddle around. And in a wipeout, these things keep Abbie from getting pushed under. Additionally, the clean design of the Ruffwear let's it cut through the water efficiently, which is great when your dog is trying to paddle out of a gnarly wave that's double-over-tail.

3) Bomb-proof. The Ruffwear vest is tough. The cordura fabric has some pretty serious stitching, and the straps go all the way around. The top part of the vest is reinforced so it distributes weight along the length of the vest, and also supports a rescue handle. A rescue handle lets you grab your dog to pull them out of a wave, or assist them up stairs out of the water. And believe me, we've used this, and you can count on it!

4) Geeky. The Ruffwear has this one geeky feature that I love – a light loop. It's a small loop on the back support that lets you attach a waterproof light to your dog. We've done some surfing at sunset, and having a light lets us sneak in a few more waves even at dusk. Totally geeky, but I just love the light loop.

From a training perspective, Michael especially likes doggy life vests because they're a good signal to your dog that you're going to play in the water. Abbie wears her whether they go swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, or boating. This way she knows she's going to be near or in water, and it makes her more comfortable in new situations. According to Michael, communicating with your dog this way establishes a trust that gets them motivated to try new things more than traditional obedience training.

Makes sense!

Starting at $49.95 you can find the Ruffwear Float Coat at

Two Paws Up for SleepyPod Air Pet Carrier

Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 5.13.34 PM
Worrying about buying a pet carrier that won't fit under an airplane seat is a thing of the past, with Sleepypod's new airline-regulation pet carrier, Sleepypod Air. The innovative new pet carrier features a folding system that allows pets to travel in the largest space possible, yet still allows for stowage under an airline seat during takeoff and landing. After take-off, you can rotate the Sleepypod Air so it's between your feet and expand the ends so both you and your pet can stretch out comfortably. 

Sleepypod Air meets major airline carry-on pet regulations by being able to compress in length from 22" to 16". The ends are designed to expand when there is nothing blocking them; they automatically fold down to fill the available space. The carrier top and ends feature easy-breathing mesh that opens for easy access and the pet carrier also features seatbelt straps to allow for secure auto travel as well.

While the Sleepypod Air pet carrier doesn’t come cheap, the versatility of the carrier makes it a worthwhile investment! Read additional reviews of the product or find the Sleepypod Air at