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Mutt Must Have: I’m Adopted! Nylon Dog Collar

Adopted collar 

Whether you found your four-legged bundle o' joy through Petfinder, PAWS or wandering on the side of the road, what better way to show your rescued pooch pride than with this bright and charming "Adopted" dog collar, available at

Our friends over at Up Country were inspired to create this darling collar as a result of an adoption program they created last year for their 25th anniversary. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds came to Up Country from the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and their stories were both heart wrenching and inspirational. The animal-loving folks at Up Country didn’t realize how seeing all these dogs and happy new families would change their lives – so among other things, they created this collar to celebrate and support the gift that is rescued pets!

Starting at $16, find the colorful Adopted Nylon Dog Collar at

colorful nylon dog collar Adopted  

Must Have: Lollycadoodle Boiled Wool Dog + Cat Toys

Screen shot 2010-04-05 at 9.29.46 PM

Eco-friendly Groovy Shrooms

Colorful, durable and naturally attractive to dogs and cats, thanks to the special wooly scent derived from the natural oils of wool fleece, these darling toys are made without poly-fill or squeakers so you can be sure they're safe and will be completely biodegradable after your pet is done with them. Which, based on extensive field-testing, will take a very long time!

Dishwasher Safe

If your pet's toadstool starts to look a bit tired, simply refresh the toy by popping it into the top rack of your dishwasher and dry in the sun!

Starting at $11, find these vibrant, magical mushroom pet toys at

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Tough Dog Toy We’re Loving: Water Bottle Cruncher Dog Toy

Screen shot 2010-03-10 at 7.51.10 PM Fresh from the 'Why the Heck Didn't I Think of That?!' File

Often our pets find the greatest pleasure in the most random household objects: plastic bags, cardboard boxes, toilet paper, paper towel tubes, empty water bottles, and of course, the holy grail of all household items (at least in my house): DIRTY SOCKS. 

Sound familiar?  What dog doesn't LOVE playing with these items, and in particular,  empty plastic water bottles? My dog Zazou loves the crunching sound of empty water bottles and truly was beside himself when I brought home this creative Bottle Buddy dog toy, a darling plush dog toy that fits perfectly over an empty water bottle. Providing the irresistible crackling mouth-feel dogs love, the plastic bottle inside is removable and can be replaced with another empty bottle once they flatten it out with their chomping.

Even better, this creative eco-friendly toy provides a fun and efficient way to recycle water bottles that might otherwise end up in our landfills.

So far, Zazou is going on 2 months with this toy and he has yet to destroy it. If he punctures holes in the bottle, I simply replace it with another one. Brilliance!

Find these fun and earth-friendly dog toys for only $10 at

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Sweetheart Snoozer: Cuddle Up in a Cuddle Cup

Screen shot 2010-02-09 at 5.58.35 PM
Super Snuggling for your Furry Valentine

Does your dog or cat love to burrow into their bed? 

Is it not enough for your pet to lay atop your bed, but they instead must burrow under the covers of your bed?

Is your pet's idea of bliss settling into a warm basket of clean laundry?

Would your pet consider the interior of an Ugg Boot to be a suitable place to snooze?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the super plush Faux Fur Trundle Dog Bed has your pet's name all over it.  Created to mimic the luxurious softness of real fur, this versatile three way bed is made with faux mink fur and is embellished with darling pink hearts – perfect for your furry valentine!

Depending on pet`s mood, this bed can easily be transformed a teacup bed, a sleeping bag or an oval mat. My "niece" Lola the Chiweenie (Chihuahua mixed with a Dachsund) absolutely LOVES her trundle bed and truly tries to merge and become one with her cushy cuddle cup.

Snuggle up in a cuddle cup and your pet will thank you for it! Find the super snoozer Cuddle Cup burrow bed at at

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

A Mutt-Stache? Introducing The Humunga Stache Dog Toy

Now even your pooch can sport a 'stache and go in-dog-nito.


If your dog secretly envies Bearded Collies, Schnauzers or any other dog breeds with excessive facial hair  – then their prayers have been answered. New from Moody Pet, the makers of the original Humunga Tongue dog toy, comes the newest in ridiculous mutt must-have's: The Humunga Stache dog toy. This shiny black toy features a durable, solid black natural rubber ball on one end and a giant cartoon mustache on the other.

With the holidays just around the corner, why not have your pooch sport his or her Humunga Stache during your annual holiday family photo? This way, Uncle Chester won't be the only one in the pic with the creepy mustache.

The concept behind the dog toy is that like the photo, dogs will naturally pick up the rubber ball … leaving the handlebar mustache sticking out. Priced at $15, pick one up at and add some low-cost laughs to your frequent frolics with Fido this holiday!

courtesy of The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Recycle + Re-use with Antler Chews

Digging Dog at Biergarten at The Standard Hotel NYC We spotted this adorable and clearly bored dog last week outside of Biergarten at The Standard Hotel in New York City. He was having quite the time rearranging the flower beds possibly searching for Scooby snacks that had been left by other guests. Whatever he was digging for, I am sure he was motivated by a host of reasons, not the least of which was boredom.

Mr. Spots here drew quite a crowd as he inspected and subsequently shredded the plants in the planter box. If only mom and dad had provided him with a little somethin' somethin' to keep him busy whilst they dined, they likely could have avoided what certainly was a very dirty dog at the end of the evening.

Chews Wisely

Free from dyes, preservatives and the typical smelly-dog-treat- smell, Antler Chews have become one of my favorite new super durable dog chews for my Schmoo and Zazou, particularly if I am going to be leaving them alone for a bit of time. Naturally shed from deer, the antlers natural, preservative-free composition doesn't leave stains on carpets, floors or doggies' muzzles and the antlers are nutrient-packed and marrow-filled, providing a source of calcium. Antler Chews

Starting about $5, you can find Antler Chews at Muttropolis.

Top 3 Interactive, Durable Dog Toys to Beat Bowser Boredom

The Bouncy Bone

Many of us have learned the hard way that a bored dog can be not only hazardous to your furniture, but also hazardous to your favorite sling-backs and quite possibly your neighbor’s aural threshold for excessive barking.

With all of us working long hours to ensure recession-resilience, some our beloved four-legged family members may be engaging a bit more me-time than they’d prefer.

Busy Buddy Dog Toys to the Rescue

My frenetic 3-year old Vizsla, Zazou, requires a host of daily outlets for his energy or it’s curtains for him. Literally. He will be all up in the curtains when we’re not home. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are key to maintaining our pets positive mental and emotional state of mind, so I’ve tried out a bunch of interactive dog toys on him to keep him engaged when we’re out.  A number of the toys I've tested have been a big disappointment, as Zazou is often able to quickly eliminate all “interactive functions” of the toy with a couple of well-placed, well-executed chomps.

In search of a durable and tough interactive dog toy that might last more than 15 minutes, I was thrilled discover the super tough Busy Buddy and Everlasting interactive and functional treat dispensing dog toys – all of which have enabled me to manage home alone mania without breaking the bank.

Give them a try and let me know what you think!

1) The Bouncy Bone
The durable Bouncy Bone is composed of a durable nylon bone, a rubber ball and replaceable, long lasting Gnawhide® treats. Unlike other dog toys that have a life-span of approximately 3 minutes, the Bouncy Bone is still going strong after six months and its still got lots of Bounce left! Starting at $5.
Kibble Nibble
2) Kibble Nibble Activity Ball
Zazou bumps this thing around my office all day long. And better yet – its rubber bumpers minimize noise and marks on floors and walls (…but they don’t eliminate his whining when he manages to roll it under the couch). The Kibble Nibble encourages Zazou to work for his food and it mentally stimulates him by appealing to his natural prey and stalking drive. We’re going on 4 months with the Kibble Nibble and it’s still righteously rolling. Zazou has even learned to place it on the top of my desk once he’s emptied it! Starting at $22.

3) The Everlasting Fire Plug Dog Toy
Made of highly durable, tear-resistant proprietary material, Zazou absolutely loves this toy whether we fill it with the Everlasting Treats or other treats he enjoys for a chewing

Everlasting Fire Plug Toy

challenge. The unique design of this toy allows it to roll erratically…indeed so erratically that Zazou rolled it down our driveway rendering it MIA until it magically reappeared 2 weeks ago.  Hide them around the house for a fun game of hide & seek, or even feed meals out of them to turn meal time into a game. Starting at $19.

Do you have a favorite, durable interactive dog toy that your dog loves and hasn't destroyed yet? Share your findings in the comments below!

Reprint courtesy of The Daily Treat

This just in: Bloomin’ + Buggin’ Pet Costumes

Flower dog costume

Muttropolis Caterpillar Dog Costume

How completely REE-diculous is this!? Gerber Daisies have always been a favorite of mine, but on this delightfully goofy dog, 'Chewy,' it looks more like a Goober Daisy.

Looking for creative costume ideas for your pets or two legged goblins this Halloween? Why not dress your dog as this darling Gerber Daisy and your kids and/or other dogs as little bugs or in this case, a caterpillar.

This Flower Dog Costume is made from soft, warm fleece and designed a little looser for a more comfortable fit and easy movement. The separate petal head piece has an adjustable Velcro closure for a perfect fit. The Caterpillar Dog Costume features adjustable velcro closures, a comfy padded back and full coverage for optimal Spooky-ness!

Starting at $36, you can find the Caterpillar Dog Costume and Flower Dog Costume at

Eliminate Grubby-Paw-Anxiety-Disorder with the Paw Plunger

The Paw Plunger

Are muddy, dirty dog paws the bane of your existence?  Take our quiz below to see if you suffer from Grubby Paws Anxiety Disorder (G-PAD):

  1. Do you occasionally avoid letting your dog outside because you know you'll have to wipe off all of his/her paws off before they gain re-entry?
  2. If you have a longer-haired dog, do you find mysterious debris, such as leaves and twigs, deposited in odd places throughout your home? 
  3. Are you embarrassed when guests see the condition of your paw-print coated floors in the light of day versus under the safe cover of dim nighttime lighting?
  4. Do you frequently suffer night sweats due to the regular sighting of dirty paw prints on your pillowcase, comforter or bed sheets?
  5. Are your car seats covered in dirty paw prints?

If you, like, uh, someone I know, answered a resounding YES to one or more of any of these questions, then you may be suffering from Grubby Paws Anxiety Disorder (G-PAD).

Hang on to your Mop-n-Glow: Help's on the Way

There is good news for G-PAD sufferers and help is now available to help lessen the effects of our condition. Available without a prescription in sizes for both small or large dogs, the innovative is a recent scientific development that can help lessen the effects of Grubby Paws Anxiety Disorder.

A fast and easy way to clean your dogs paws before they gain re-entry into your house (or car) simply Paw Plungerfill the Paw Plunger with water and the soft bristles inside the container gently yet effectively remove dirt and debris from your dog's paws.  It can also be used without water to brush off sand and dirt.

Starting at $24.99 for the small size, the Paw Plunger is available Get one and GET LIVING! : )

Blog reprint courtesy of The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley at

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The Swamp Cooler: A Cooling Vest for Dogs (not a backwoods cocktail)

Muttropolis Ruffwear Swamp Cooling vest for dogs
Zazou rocks the swamp cooler cooling vest.

With the temperatures rising during the summer, I'm always looking for ways to keep my pets cool, especially my crazy dog Zazou, who doesn't let 100 degree weather slow him down, despite my best attempts to get him to take a proverbial chill pill.

To beat the heat, many dogs need something akin to a personal air-conditioner, particularly active dogs that spend a lot of time outside in the heat, perhaps hiking and the like. Ruffwear's innovative Swamp Cooler is just that…a lightweight vest designed to help dogs both large and small stay cool, happy and active. Dogs can beat the heat and stay cool while you're hiking or biking, playing on the beach, boating on open water under full sun, or perhaps waiting for their turn during outdoor agility trials in the heat.

How the Swamp Cooler works:
The swamp cooler uses evaporative cooling to keep dogs cool in the heat and exchanges the dog’s heat with the coolness of the stored water.  The vest releases the heat as the water evaporates and the three-layer construction maximizes the cooling effects, with the top air-mesh layer generating evaporation and releasing heat. The middle layer absorbs and stores the cooling water and the bottom layer cools the dog.

Swamp Cooler Dog Vest - how it works

The light color of the vest reflects sunlight and ultraviolet rays for added sun protection! Starting at $52, you can find the Swamp Cooler Dog Vest at

Article reprint courtesy of The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley at