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Pets on Parade & Good Times with a Kissing Booth

We Muttropolitans recently had the pleasure of helping out with the First Annual La Jolla Pet Parade & Festival. The event was held in the super pet-friendly and beautiful southern California coastal village of La Jolla to benefit one of our favorite causes, the Spay Neuter Action Project (SNAP). SNAP is a non-profit, grassroots organization offering low cost spay and neutering in low income neighborhood and is responsible for reducing the number of unwanted puppies and kittens in the Southern California area by tens of thousands by snipping and snapping off, well, you know.

With our nation’s shelters overflowing with orphaned and surrendered pets,  spaying and neutering pets is key to solving pet overpopulation. SNAP presently conducts their neutering clinics in a mobile clinic known as their “neuter scooter” and as of today more than 15,000 pets have been fixed on their Neuter Scooter. They hope to build a permanent low-income, high volume spay-neuter clinic.

Our community parade kicked off with Grand Marshall Benji (…and author and creator of the Benji series Joe Camp hosted by Warwicks) and a Doga warm-up led by my pals over at lululemon, followed by contests, pet adoptions, barks & crafts and other fun family activities.

They came, they wagged, they air-kissed

Any time you throw a party or in this case a parade, there is always that nagging question of whether anyone show up? Well, we're pleased to report that hundreds of people and pets of all breeds and creeds did indeed represent and enthusiastically wagged, waddled, wheeled, padded and clip-clopped through the village…it was a sight to see!

Aside from raising funds for a worthy cause, making new friends and helping find new homes for dogs, cats and even a guinea pig that day, one my favorite activities at the event was watching the theater unfold in an old school kissing booth that Muttropolis brought along. The little contraption provided some visuals nothing short of ridiculous and this week’s Daily Treat Video highlights some of our favorite moments from the day!

ps. Studies show that volunteering increases health and longevity. But the real virtue may be in the pleasures gained in the process. Visit to learn how you can help out at your local shelter or animal welfare organization or visit to find out about other causes in need in your area.

Blog reprint courtesy of Animal Planet and The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley


Pooches Pucker up for a Cause: Smooch-a-Pooch event a slobbery success!

Muttropolis Kissing Booth
Muttropolis smooch a pooch eventMuttropolis Kissing Booth  IMG_9997Muttropolis Kissing BoothCharlie 2.14.09Muttropolis once again proudly hosted our annual Smooch-a-Pooch event to benefit the Spay Neuter Action Project (SNAP). Pooches (and kitties!) large and small gathered to pucker up for a good cause and some of the adoptable dogs brought to the event even found new homes! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate and to all the great volunteers from SNAP and the Junior League who staffed the event and readied the kitties and canines for their close-ups!

Enjoy our fun Smooch-a-Pooch retrospective video below and see ya’ll again next year!

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Na-mutt-stay! Discover your dog’s inner ‘Dogi’ with Doga Yoga on Sunday, November 2

Muttropolis Doga Yoga
Join Muttropolis and lululemon athletica for a fun Doggie & Me Doga Yoga Event to benefit Rancho Coastal Humane Society on Sunday, November 2 from 9AM to 10AM in the Muttropolis "Barking Lot" at 227 S. Cedros Avenue in the beautiful Cedros Design District in Solana Beach!

Renowned yoga instructor, Stacy McCarthy, along with her Bernese Mountain Dogi, Buddha, will lead the pack through a fun, all-levels appropriate yoga class and free goodie bags will be given out to the first 30 attendees. New to yoga? Not to worry, no prior experience necessary! 

What to bring: A $10 donation (all proceeds will go directly to benefit local pets from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society), a Yoga Mat or large towel, water, comfortable clothes and a sense of humor! People feet and puppy paws will be bare. Bring your dogs that have a social dog park attitude.

Watch the Doga Yoga video from our last event.


Dog Days of Summer Fashion Show at the San Diego Polo Club

On July 20th, five Muttropolis models (the four-legged kind) dressed in their Sunday finest and met at the San Diego Polo Club in Rancho Santa Fe for the Dog Days of Summer half-time Doggie Fashion Show.

A darling black Frenchie named Olive donned a green tee that read "Preppy Puppy", Kodi the yorkie trotted in theme with an animal print harness, Sawyers the 2 year old bloodhound from Alabama was hilarious in his "Lifeguard on Doody" red doggie tee. Rico a Chihuahua mix showed up on a whim and sported a cute Sporty Dog Hoodie featuring orange stripes. All in all it was a fun time. Dana Humphrey from Muttropolis announced the pups on parade as they pranced through the member’s tent during the Rossmore Cup Finals. The event was a benefit for the Rancho Coastal Humane Society. All of these fashions are available at Muttropolis.

Official Results for the non-sanctioned Olymic ‘Chomp-ianship’ time trials

On July 12 & 13, 2008, pets and their parents came out for the Summer Olympic ‘Chomp-ianship’ to compete in a ice cream eating contest, a tail wagging contest, a howling contest and a kibble inhaling contest at Muttropolis’ five locations.

Solana Beach, CA:
Ice cream Eating Contest: Bella, owner Heidi Welsh, ate the whole thing!
Tail wagging contest: Duffy, owner Kimberly Jayner, 70 wags
Kibble Inhaling (small dog): Buddy, Justin Deignam, 40 Seconds
Kibble Inhaling ( big dog): Cash, Mary Wells, 14 seconds


La Jolla, CA
Tail wagging contest: Ben had the most wags at 62
Kibble Inhaling: Shelby ate it all in just 11sec.
Howling Contest: Ru howled for 17seconds.


This past weekend’s adoption events with the Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana at the Muttropolis’ Boutiques in La Jolla and Solana Beach were a huge success! I am very pleased to report that every one of the animals were adopted to a new, loving and permanent home. We adopted out four dogs and one cat!


Boulder, CO:

Tail Wagging Contest:
Owner: Laurel Patterson
Pet: Emmie Patterson
Time Trial Time: 30 sec – 154 wags!

The top wagging tail had 134 wags. WOW!

Kibble Inhaling Contest: (Weight Class: 20lbs)
Owner: Bob Bond
Pet: Roxy Bond
Time Trial Time: 30 sec – 8 pieces!

Kibble Inhaling Contest:(Weight Class: 75-85lbs)
Owner: James Suzuki
Pet: Maitri Suzuki
Time Trial Time: 30 sec – 13 pieces!

Ice Cream Eating Contest:
Owner: Deanna Cherilla
Pet: Dozer Cherilla

Howling Contest:
Owner: Bridget Strand
Pet: Bella
Time Trial Time: 10sec



Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA:
Ice cream Eating Contest: Jaskson Kathei, owner Cyndie Kathei time 39 sec
Tail wagging contest: Bogie Corona, owner Irene Corona wags,80
Kibble Inhaling (small dog): Baby Luv, owner Bobbie La Grua, time 33sec
Kibble Inhaling ( big dog): Malone Morgan, owner Kirstin Morgan, time 30 sec Howling contest: Boo Taulbee, owner Karen Taulbee

La Encantada, Tucson, AZ:
Kibble inhaling: Emerald chowed down their kibble in only .30 seconds
Howling contest: Scratch howled for 1.21 minutes
Ice cream Eating Contest: Kipper finished in 45 secs.
Tail Wagging (# of wags in 30 sec): Sadie 75 wags

Train That Canine!

Good Dog Manners Class
Begins August 23.

Love your dog but not his
manners?  Learn how to deal with or prevent unwanted behaviors like
jumping, mouthing, and leash-pulling in just 3 weeks.  This class is also
great for getting puppies off to an excellent start.  Instruction also
includes basic commands like Sit, Come and Stay.  Classes are taught by
nationally-certified trainer Mary Beth Knowles of Canines Content Dog-Friendly

For dogs 12 weeks of age
and up.  Class meets weekly for 3 weeks, Saturdays, 9-10 a.m. at Muttropolis Solana Beach. 227 S. Cedros Ave. For
more info or to enroll call 760-929-9252.


Surf Dog Surf-a-thon: Beach Blanket Dingoes

On September 7th 2008, pets and their parents from all over San Diego will compete in the third annual Surf Dog Surf-a-thon to benefit the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Hopefully they will catch a lot of waves! Two-legged and four-legged surfers will raise money for animals based on how many waves they catch from pledges. Plus, all paw-ticipants will receive a special gift from Muttropolis!

Find out more!

Muttropolis Hosts Summer Olympic “Chomp-ianship” and Wag-a-thon Event and Benefit: Pets and their parents to experience the thrill of victory or the agony of no treats.

Forget Beijing…..the real
action will be at Muttropolis’ Summer Olympic “Chomp-ianship” & Wag-a-thon Benefit
Event where canine athletes will compete for both prizes and glory in challenging,
non-sanctioned Olympic events such as a food inhaling contest, wagging contest,
doggy-ice-cream eating contest, howling contest and much more. The Chomp-ianship
will be held on Saturday, July 12th and 13th at Muttropolis Dog & Cat
Boutiques across the nation. The event is
pet friendly and free to the public.


The event will feature tasty frozen organic treats for
the four-legged attendees, fun doggy games and contests, bobbing for
biscuits and tray-passed wholesome dog treats and giveaways.

Attend an event at a location near you!

Yappy Hour at the W Hotel San Diego

Muttropolis sponsored a Yappy Hour at the W Hotel San Diego, on April
29th. Check out the cute furry fashionistas! West Coast K9’s renowned trainer, Graham Bloem, joined the event with an Iraqi pup named Princess! After a long ride from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society to downtown San Diego, this pup had a long day!

See more photos here!

Join us next time, on Tuesday, July 29th from 5-7PM!

About Kirby & Princess
Marine Capt. Jamisen Fox’s Turkish sheepdog pups: Kirby & Princess are two of a litter of seven puppies that were transported from Iraq to the United States. “Operation Cookie Jar” got the pups to the USA
and the Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) brought them out to California where they have been housed and cared for, including medical attention, for approximately a month until the Marine owners return from deployment in Iraq. RCHS has covered all the expenses associated with bringing the puppies from Iraq to San Diego, CA and their care in the U.S.

The puppy’s parents were stray dogs hanging around the Marine’s camp in Iraq and the soldiers started feeding and caring for them. The dogs became camp watchdogs and had a litter of puppies which were adopted by the Marines, who cared for the pups, started training them and sent them home to America. These socialized pups are only four months old and have inherited some of the parent’s protective traits. (They are not available for adoption).