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Beyond Patient Dog Tolerates Class-Five-Clinger-Cat [VIDEO]

Meet Thomas O'Malley Flufferpants  - a class-five-clinger kitty who has become infatuated with his new housemate!

Cat Infatuated With Dog

Flufferpants was a feral kitty living on the street until his mom, DCJanelle, rescued him, got him spayed/neutered, vaccinated and treated for severe medical problems. Now he is living the good life with Murkin - a rescued shelter dog who clearly has the patience of an absolute saint!

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Watch Flufferpants rub-a-dub all over Murkin, who really does deserve a medal for his epic tolerance – don't you agree?!

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Source: Janet McCulley, The Daily Treat at

Cute Pup Boldly Confronts Self In Mirror [VIDEO]

Puppy in the mirror

Pup Unknowingly Gets All Up In Own Grill

Meet Gizmo, a cute and energetic Shih Tzu who has become fascinated by the stunning dog he has discovered living in the bedroom mirror. Little does he know, he is voguing only at himself in the mirror.

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Puppies Pimp Selves

As it turns out, puppies getting all up in their own grill in the mirror themselves in the mirror is quite common – check out some our favorite furry nutballs opening up a fresh can of Whoop Arse on themselves!







Source: Janet McCulley, The Daily Treat at

Dachshund Takes A Whirl At A Typhoon [VIDEO]

  Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 4.59.47 PM

Warning: Video might cause dizziness or uncontrollable giggles. Watch this adorable dachshund tread around his swimming pool for 60 seconds.

Have you ever wanted to transform that boring jacuzzi into a relaxing hydrotherapy machine? Here's a tip for you DIY-ers out there: Gather 3 dogs, set them loose in a hot tub, wait a few minutes until the water is just right, and voila!

You now have a whirlpool feature in your hot tub without all the hassle!

Source: Janet McCulley, The Daily Treat at

Top 10 Most Awesome Dogs of 2011

The year 2011 was absolutely brimming with historic, hilarious and downright heart-warming moments of doggie awesomeness! Stories of heroic hounds, comedic canines and doggie Dilbert's certifiably made life so much richer this year and we've selected some of our favorite four-legged stand-outs of 2011.

It was not easy, sifting through the incredible, insane, inane and sometimes hair-brained dog stories of 2011, but for you, dear readers, we will stop at nothing to keep you on the cusp of mutt's hot and mutt's not.

Our Top 10 Most Awesome Dogs of 2011

1) Loyal Dog, Hawkeye, Lays at the Casket of Fallen Navy Seal: A beautiful tribute and demonstration of a dogs loyal and unconditional love. Reportedly this story alone is responsible for a 32.36% increase in Kleenex's stock price in 2011. : )  Full story here >



2) The Amazing Commando Dog That Helped Snare Osama Bin Laden: This special four-legged soldier was a heavily-armored, explosive-sniffing pooch who was strapped to an assault team member and lowered into Bin Laden's hideout from a Black Hawk helicopter! To ensure their safety, these special four-legged forces are given oxygen masks for helicopter jumps as well as helmets with videocameras for remote monitoring. Read story here>

Military Dogs


3) Eco-minded French Bulldog Saves Water with Inventive Pup Pre-wash Cycle. Read story here >



4) Dog Saves New Family Only Six Hours After Being Adopted: Gentle giant Hercules proved his worth as a loyal canine companion only six hours after being rescued from an animal shelter by chasing after an intruder who was attempting to break into his new adoptive family's house. Read the whole story here >

Dog saves family 6 hours after being adopted


5) Static Cling Dog Channels a White Porcupine: Combine super dry air, a fluffy white dog, a synthetic fiber blanket and a monotone voice-over narrator and you've got a nugget of YouTube gold. See for yourself in the video below and read the full story here >


6) Uber Happy Dog Plays Hide-n-Seek with Bouncy Sheep: The most adoro interspecies love affair between a bouncing, fluffy sheep and one scrappy happy dog. Dingleberries and all, watch what a good ole time this sheep is having clomp-a-clomping around the barnyard with a dog that seems to have decided "…to hell with the whole herding thing."  Read the full story here >



7) Greece's Riot Dog: Allegedly present at nearly every importantGrecian riot since in 2008, and even braving police with teargas, it is unknown what this tenacious yellow dog, Loukanikos, was protesing, but he is deserving of a nod for getting up out of his tent and getting into the action. Read the full story here>

Greece Riot Dog

8) I Lean: Seeing-Eye Goose Befriends Blind Dog. This heart-warming animal odd couple shows that love really is blind! A blind boxer named Baks got a whole new lease on life this year thanks to a good samaritan goose named Buttons who leads  vision-impaired Baks around everywhere either by hanging onto him with her neck, or by honking to tell him which way to go. Read the full story here >

blind dog and seeing eye goose


9) Tenacity Defined – Brave Terrier With Knife Stuck Squarely in Head Chases Robbers. Bella, a brave terrier mix,  happily chased robbers down her street earlier this year despite the ginormous Ginzu protruding from her forehead ! She survived the ordeal with flying colors and gets extra kick-ass doggy awesomeness points for her selfless heroicism! Read the full story here>

dog with knife stuck squarely in head

10) Determined Pit Pup Harper, Rescued from Trash Bag, Learns to Walk. Severely deformed, yet darling pitbull pup Harper was abandoned to die in a trash bag, but angelic shelter workers rescued her and provided her with proper therapy and now she has a new leash on life! Today, Harper is a frisky, happy pup who is gaining more and more mobility each day, to the astonishment of onlookers and medical professionals. Read the full story here >

pup rescued from trash bag Harper Pitbull Pup



Gus the Bulldog Gets An Indoor Pool [VIDEO]

Let there be no doubt that Gus is one tenacious Bulldog! With summer temperatures soaring, Gus the Bulldog has no interest in lounging in his baby pool in the heat of the great outdoors – but instead opts to take the fun indoors! 

[VIDEO: Check out Snowboarding Bulldogs]

What is Gus really thinking?

Knowing how dogs operate – my guess is that Gus's true intentions is to make this HIS personal pool and likely intends to take the pool into his bed to chew on in solitude…away from his accomplice. What do you think?

[VIDEO: Check out the "Running, Rolling & Strolling of the Bulldogs]

Adorable Beagle Plays Catch With Paws!

Forget Fetch…This Beagle Plays Catch!

Most fairly coordinated dogs can catch balls in their mouth, but just how many dogs can catch with their paws? Check out the remarkable eye-paw coordination of this darling Beagle pup who, after a few tries, masters the art of "catch" – and looks darn proud of herself I might add.

Adding to the adoro-factor is the off camera pitcher who hoots in celebration after each successful catch. If this doesn't put a smile on your face today, I simply don't know what will!

Thanks to Baby Praying Mantis for turning us on to this one!

Meet Chaser – The Smartest Dog in the World

6a00d8341bf67c53ef0147e13cf256970b-500wi Think your dog is the smartest pup on the block? Think again!

The new reigning smarty-pants pooch, Chaser, a border collie, possesses the largest human vocabulary of any dog! Chaser, who is a female dog – naturally -  can recognize the names of more than 1,022 objects. According to a report by the New Scientist, Chaser can categorize the various objects based on function and shape as well as understand the basic concepts behind nouns and verbs! Impressive!

The last record holder, another border collie named Rico, knew 200 human words – still impressive, but Chaser's vocabulary is off the charts, putting her on intellectual par with three-year-old human children (… some adult males we know ;).

As part of a three year training course at Wofford College, taught by psychologists Alliston Reid and John Pilley. Chaser was introduced to the names of 1,022 toys. Over the three years, Reid and Pilley taught the collie the names of 1022 toys by introducing them to her one by one, getting her to fetch the toy and then repeating the name to reinforce the association. They say there's no limit to what the dog can learn! Watch the video below and watch the amazing Chaser in action! (via Discovery News).




WATCH: Muttropolis Talks Dog Poop on NBC’s Today Show!

In case you missed it: Watch Muttropolis Co-Founder Janet McCulley talk with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about pet product trends and dog poop — on an apple! Seriously.

Last week we shared how thrilled we were to be invited to appear on the Today Show with none other than Hoda and Kathie Lee to talk about some of our favorite pet products. Without hesitation  we whisked off from California only a few hours later with our favorite dog toys, treats (and poop bags!) in tow for some fun in the Big Apple! 

Everyone at the NBC studios were so incredibly warm and welcoming, and we had an absolute fantastic experience—brief as it was!  All the innovative pet products featured during the segment can be found here at Muttropolis or on The Today Show website here! In case you missed the segment, check out the video below and be amused!


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WATCH: Chunky Dog Crashes Aussie Soccer Game

Screen shot 2011-01-23 at 2.27.14 PM Jack Russell Bends It Like Bowser

Known to be one of the scrappiest dogs on the planet, check out the game face on this tenacious Jack Russell as he crashes this (random) game of "Footy" between Australia and Ireland. Amazingly, not one player has the wherewithal to pass him a ball, or high five him when the other team fouls (…at 1:36 in the video).

Amazingly, this portly pup manages to stay in the game for a good four minutes and the crowd is none too pleased when Angry-Man-in-Members-Only-Jacket has the gall to unceremoniously remove him from the playing field. Watch the video and be amused!  

Odd. Very Odd.

I found the following things to be particularly odd about this video – how about you?

1) None of the players are phased in the least that a portly pooch is ripping around the field

2) Since when is picking up and running with a soccer ball acceptable?

3) What's the deal with the dude combing his hair in the beginning (and end) of the video?

4) Who knew that there was a "Fox Footy" channel?


Top 10 Most Awesome Dogs of 2010

The year 2010 was a banner year for pup culture and we found there was no shortage of interesting, meaningful and often meaningless stories regarding canine culture!  Herewith are our top 10 favorite, most awesomest dogs of 2010! 

Did we leave out your favorite? Share your favorites in the comments below!


1. Complicated Yoga Pose Dog

Complicated Yoga Pose Dog




2. Merengue Dog





3. Pug Sings Batman Theme



4. Abby Girl: The Extreme Sports Dog Breed Dog-umentary



5. Spot the Dog Remains Faithful to Dead Owner



6. The Synchronized Dogs (and One Goat) of the OK Go Dog Video

  Dogs of Ok Go Video



7. Target- The Amazing Afgan War Hero Dog




8.  Small Dog, Big Hero: Missy Alerts Neighbors When His Owner Collapses

  Missy the Good Samaritan


















9. Antoine Dogson

Antoine Dogson


 10. Good Samaritan German Shepherd Leads Trooper to House Fire: (Watch video here >)



Story reprint courtesy of Janet McCulley's The Daily Treat at Animal