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What do the iPad and Puppies Have in Common?

Apple's newly launched mobile device – the iPad – is all the news lately, with industry thought-leaders and techno-nerds weighing in on the features of the new breakthrough gizmo.  Described as a "…truly magical and revolutionary product,"  by Apple Founder Steve Jobs, the iPad is being touted as a life-changing device that will impact the users in unimaginable ways. 

Life changing? Truly magical? Unimaginable joy?  

I'm sorry, but there are very few things in life that can bestow all these qualities and a  9.7 inch touch-screen device is not one of them.  If you, in fact,  are seeking something magical that brings unimaginable joy, look no further than the sixth annual display of canine cuteness that is Puppy Bowl VI.  

While the adorable puppies participating in Puppy Bowl VI will not help you record voice memos, update your Facebook profile or surf the web like the iPad can,  you indeed CAN play with puppies in direct sunlight and still see them clearly.

Learn more about Puppies, the iPad and Puppy Bowl VI in the hysterical video below and be sure to tune in to Puppy Bowl VI on Animal Planet on February 7 at 3pm!


Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Top Cat: Persian Puff Ball Wins 2009 Best in Show

Kuorii Gorilla of Cuzzoe

Did that furry toss pillow just meow at me?

The puffiest, poofiest, uber-fluffiest Persian cat you have ever seen in your life scratched out 650 other entries to land the coveted "Best in Show" prize at this year's "Catlanta" – the CFA International Cat Show in Atlanta held just last week. At only eight months old, Kuorii Gorilla of Cuzzoe (right) – nicknamed "Go Go" at home – is being touted as a "superb example of the Persian breed,” due to his massive bone structure, a round and smooth head, and over-the-top fluffy coat. 

When I first spotted this cat on CNN last night, it looked like the handler was petting some kind of fur throw or toss pillow – this cat is HUGE! 

Other finalists included a platinum Tonkinese male called "Purrtek's Syrah", a silver and white American Shorthair called "KCDancers Eye-of-the-Tiger", a Maine Coon called "Highlander Tony Bennett of Wenlock", and a Burmese cat called "Mar-chu Electra of Karleton".

Cat Agility Tourney?

In addition to the best in show contest, the International Cat Show also featured a kitty agility course which you simply have to see to believe. Check out the video below, and to learn more about Persian cats visit Cats 101 on Animal Planet.

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Holy Hounds: LA Church allows pets in pews

Picture 4From doghouse to God's house

For many of us, our pets are official family members who accompany us just about everywhere we go. Occasionally we might even decline an invitation because, well, Buster and/or Mademoiselle Pouf Pouf were not welcomed to accompany us to the affair and frankly we'd rather stay home and watch Animal Planet with them.

Well, apparently the Rev. Tom Eggebeen realized that this very issue may be why many of his previously devoted worshipers at his Covenant Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles were no longer attending services. So he came up with a brilliant and unconventional idea: He turned his house of God into a doghouse by offering a 30-minute service every week, complete with canine prayers, an offering of dog treats and even special music, such as "GoD and DoG."

After putting the word out, holy hounds big and small, from pit bulls to Dachshunds, have piled into the church's chapel to worship … the pile of biscuits in the offering bowl

Check out the holy hounds in action in a short video at

Reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley.

Serenity Meow! Cat Cafes on the Rise

Tokyo Cat Cafes
One of our globe-trotting friends always finds the coolest, most random out-of-the way travel destinations -  and this week was no exception when she sent us a note about the crazy Cat Cafes she found throughout the city of Tokyo.

Cat cafes you ask? Don't worry … they aren't serving up Cat au Gratin like some of Japan's less evolved neighbors out east, but instead the cat is celebrated and honored in these unique cafes.

"I'd like a decaf-capp, add one cat please"

In the densely populated and hustling city of Tokyo – where residents not only long work hours but tight and expensive real estate limit pet ownership – cat cafes are a cultural trend. There are at least seven of them operating in Tokyo, packing customers in at fees varying from $8 to $12 an hour. Given the busy lifestyles of Japanese people dearly longing for a moment of peace and comfort, these cat cafes offer them a dose of kitty calm and serenity along with their tea … and they don't seem to mind the staff dipping their whiskers in their tea or pouncing on their fur coat. (Of note, word is that in Cafe Calico, an upholstered reception chair no longer looks like itself.)

Vacuums are ever-present, everyone going in must wash their hands and use liquid sanitizers. Shoes must be removed (a Japanese custom in homes but not normally in public places).

Of the seven cat cafes in operation in Tokyo, the globe-trotters over at Spot Cool Stuff Travel have sniffed out  the top three cafes, which according to them are: The Calico Cat Cafe, Neko JaLaLa (means 'cat' in Japanese) and Nekorobi. Check out Spot Cool Stuff Travel for locations and details.

Shear Madness: Escargoodles and Pandapoos?

The Daily Treat Butterdoodle Groomed PoodleFresh from the “Seriously? Seriously” file comes this diddy that I received in my inbox last week. When I first saw these photos I believed that they had been somewhat digitally manipulated and not completely real.  However, upon further scrutiny and a bit of Googling it became clear that these indeed were real dogs that had been transformed into everything from peacocks and pandas to camels and.….Cap’n Jack Sparrow? Now many of us have seen dogs with a little bit of colored dye applied here and there — but this is utterly off the hizzle.

While these pooches may resemble buffalos and flowerbeds, they are actually poodles, all competing for the title of top dog at 'creative grooming' shows across the U.S. These The Daily Treat Pandapoo grooming transformations are captured by photographer Ren Netherland, who travels thousands of miles each year to attend each competition, which is perhaps not unlike a Junior Miss Beauty Pageant.

It takes approximately two hours for groomers to transform these dogs, which are sheared and colored to achieve each look. The jury is out here at Muttropolis and The Daily Treat as to whether these dogs actually enjoy getting their hair did in such a way. Call me crazy, but this seems highly unnatural…what do you think?

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Adventures at Cardio Canine Class

Cardio Canine Class

                Team McCulley going for gold.

With summer upon us, it is most enjoyable to get our daily exercise in the fresh air of the great outdoors versus the stale air of the not-so-fresh gym. As well, I find that some of my most enjoyable workouts tend to be the kind that include friends, whether they be two or four-legged.

So when I spotted a new fitness concept called “Leash your Fitness” on the local news, I had to give it a try.  The only fitness concept of its kind in the Southern California region, Leash Your Fitness encompasses both you and your dog in a circuit style workout that involves cardio, strength, balance, yoga and dog obedience all in an hour workout – fun! 

After speaking with Leash Your Fitness founder Dawn Celapino, who is an ACE certified group and personal trainer, I was sold. So Zazou squeezed into his unitard and Schmoo threw on her legwarmers and off we went to our first cardio canine class.

The great thing about the class is that it not only challenged me physically, but the dogs were also challenged both physically and mentally. Schmoo and Zazou have never really done the whole “agility” thing (does counter surfing count?) and were initially unsettled with the idea of crawling through a tunnel or jumping over an obstacle. However, after a few pep talks, they couldn’t have been more pleased with themselves once they mustered up the mojo to tackle the tunnel and other major feats.

Little did I know that some of my best personal trainers are the ones curled up at my feet right now!

Check out our adventures with cardio canine class in this week’s video and watch it now>

Cardio Canine Class

Article reprint courtesy of AnimalPlanet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley.