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Newsworthy Dogs Roundup

There were so many fun, interesting stories this month! Here are just a handful of our favorites we found that made us tear up, laugh and smile. Share your favorite pet-related stories with us by posting the stories on our Facebook page!

Watch this Excited Dog Faint after Being Reunited with her Owner

Remember what it’s like to reunite with your best friend after summer vacation? Imagine that feeling multiplied by 2 years (which is 14 years in a dog’s mind!)! Rebecca Ehalt hadn’t seen her 9-year-old Schnauzer, Casey, in 2 years, and when they were reunited it was complete madness on both ends. What follows after the initial meeting is what you’d least expect – Casey fainted! Check out the video captured by Ehalt’s family. Of course Casey’s family took her to the vet and she was fine – just overly excited to see her mom! Too cute! Click here to watch the video!

I Died Today. By, Duke Roberts

BRB while we get this tissues. This is the story of Duke Roberts, a rescue pup who had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma and hemangiosarcoma, which caused an amputated leg and a growing tumor. When the time came to say goodbye to Dukey, photographer Robyn Arouty decided to document the day, filled with Dukey eating hamburgers, playing in the water and saying goodbye to his friends and loved ones. It’s a sad story, but you can’t help but smile when you see how happy Dukey is to be enjoying life and be with his favorite people in the world.  Give your pup some extra love tonight on behalf of lil’ Dukey.

Duke and Hamburgers   Happy Duke

This Baby and Pit Bull Puppy are Best Friends and it’s the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

This dynamic duo is sure to make anyone feel happy! Meet 10-week old baby Eisleigh and 8-week old puppy Clyde. They are true BFF’s – they sleep together, laugh together, play together, and all-around enjoy each other’s company. Aren’t they the cutest? We can’t wait to see this friendship blossom as they both get older!

Dogs Find Newborn Baby Abandoned by Side of Road

Everyone knows that a dog’s sense of smell is one of their greatest attributes, but could you imagine your pup’s smell leading you to a newborn? Jeff Kopp was taking his pup, Bobby, out for a walk when Bobby started walking in a different direction than their normal route. Sure enough, Bobby led Kopp to an hours-old baby girl, with its umbilical cord still attached. Kopp’s wife and daughter rushed to wrap up the baby while waiting for the paramedics to arrive. The teen mother has been located and is going through a serious medical evaluation. The moral of the story: thank God for dogs and their sense of smell.

Deaf, Formerly Mistreated Pup is so Happy in New Home He Wags His Tail in Delight as He Sleeps

Alas, we saved the best (and happiest!) for last. This video features Frank, a 1 ½ year old Dachshund that was adopted at 5 months old. Frank was neglected by his last owner, being kept outside in a small spot and eating only adult dog food while living with a constant fear of shadows. Once Rafael Borges adopted Frank and gave him the love (and home) he deserved, Frank became a completely different pup and loves life. It’s clear to see how happy Frank is in this video that features his tail wagging while he’s sleeping. It’s amazing how the love you give an animal can affect them for the better.

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Today is one of our favorite days of the year – Take Your Dog to Work Day! We hope all of you are celebrating the day by bringing your pups to work! Here's some pictures of our pups at Mutt HQ working hard! Join us on our Facebook page and Instagram page and send us pictures of your pups hard at work!

Chewie and Kiiah   Angela Reggie
Kiiah working while Chewie sleeps!        Reggie helping Angela get work done!

Can’t Wag Without: Estela and Reggie + Ricky


Meet Estela, one of our buyers at Muttropolis, and her pups, Regina and Ricky. Reggie is small and sassy, while Ricky is like a big teddy bear. These two are part of our modeling crew and wanted to share a few things they can’t wag without!

Reggie is your quintessential Jack Russell – busy, busy, busy! She loves going on walks, but gets a little too excited and pulls on the leash a lot. Her Buddy Belt not only is comfortable, but it eliminates pressure on Reggie’s tracheal area because of its unique step-in design. Buddy belts are genuine leather, so they are extremely long lasting – Reggie’s had hers for five years! Added bonus: once Reggie’s in the harness, she can’t get out, which is a good thing if she’s feeling feisty!


Ricky is a fan of chews, with his favorite being the Braided Bully Stick. These all-natural, long-lasting chews are only made with one ingredient: free-range grass-fed cattle sourced from Brazil. The braided texture makes it perfect for maintaining oral health and encouraging good breath. But always keep an eye on your pups when they are gnawing any chew!  Ricky

Estela often changes Ricky and Reggie's collars, whether it's for product testing or just a new look so extra engravable ID tags are a must-have item. If they ever get out or wander away when traveling, the finder will have all your information and can let you know they have your pup.

Lastly, Reggie and Ricky could absolutely NEVER wag without their Bowsers Beds! Their matching beds have micro-velvet fabric and a high-memory polyester fiberfill inner cushion, making them super comfy and perfect for a good night’s sleep. The dog’s aren’t the only ones that love these beds – Estela loves these beds because washing them is a breeze – the cover unzips and can be either hand-washed or thrown in the washing machine!

We’re Thankful for Our Furry Friends

Dogs Are Family

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our customers, two-legged and four-legged! To those adorning pet parents – thank you for choosing Muttropolis to help keep your pets healthy, safe, stylish and spoiled! And to all those furry customers – thank you for bringing us joy! You are why we love doing what we do, and for that we are very thankful.

In the spirit of giving thanks, we thought it was only fitting to take a moment to remember some of the many reasons why we’re thankful for our furry friends.


…love unconditionally.

…are part of the family.

…brighten up each day.

…are easy to please.

…enjoy the simple things.

…teach responsibility.

…keep us active.

…are great snuggle buddies.

…put things in perspective.

…live in the moment.

We are all fortunate for the pets in our lives, but there are many furry friends that don’t have a home, and we’re thankful for them too. In an effort to help those dogs and cats find a family and forever home, we hold monthly adoptions at each of our stores. So if you live in Southern California and are looking to add to your furry family, or know someone who is, we would love to see you at one of our upcoming adoption events. You may meet a new furry friend to make family! And if you aren’t in the area but are looking for a new pet, we urge you to adopt and save a life.

Join us in giving thanks, for the love and lessons that our pets provide, and if you are feeling like spoiling your furry friend, now is the time. Save 25% storewide through Monday December 2nd. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Save 25% Storewide

Meet Simon, We Admire Him!

We’re very pleased to be an
“Animal Admirer” for the San Diego Humane Society. Simon is a sweet, senior beagle mix pup with an inquisitive nature
and an adorable personality! Simon is the second pup that we’ve admired so far
and we plan to continue to admire many more pets to come.

Simon(1)If we were to describe Simon
in three words, it would be mellow, intelligent and chatty! He has plenty of
energy for his age, just over 14 years, so that shouldn’t be a discouraging
factor. In fact, there are many benefits to adopting a senior pet. Simon has
already developed his personality and he isn’t in need of a whole bunch of
training, especially since he’s very easy going. He’s very social with people
and other pets, cats included, but can also hold his own when he has to spend
some time alone. We feel that Simon would do best in a home that compliments
his laid back ways, so if there are children in the family, we recommend they
are 8 years of age or older.

Where can you find this adorable
Simon? He’s currently located at the San Diego Humane Society in Oceanside at 5500 Gaines Street.
If you’re interested in
adopting Simon, or may know someone else who is, it would only cost a small
adoption fee of $25.00. Simon’s current
vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, a certificate for a free
veterinary exam, a gift from Hill’s Science Diet, and a license if residing in Oceanside or Vista are
all included with the adoption!

For more information visit Simon’s profile on the San
Diego Humane Society’s website. Simon’s animal ID number is 120023, which
you’ll want to reference when you go to visit him. Help us find Simon a
forever home!

For more up-to-date
information on the animals we’re admiring, follow us on Facebook.


Goofy Muttropolis Mutts Enjoy Holiday Gag Gift Exchange

Schmoo Gag Gift
The smell of peppermint scented squeaky toys in the air, the aroma of fresh baked cookies brought in by our resident HQ bakers and the incessant looping of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is Yewwwwwwwwwwww…" are all compelling indicators that the holidays have indeed arrived here at the Muttropolis World HQ.

However, our holiday season would not be complete without our annual Muttropolis White-Elephant Gag Gift exchange and as expected, the Muttropolitans once again outdid themselves for this years gift exchange fete.

The Most Absurd Holiday Gag Gift Award went to fellow Muttropolitan "TG" who truly raised the ridiculousness bar for the rest of us. In fact, his prize-winning present made a cameo in our 2008 Muttropolis Holiday Video Greeting Card. Enjoy!

The Joy of Ridiculous Dog Tricks

Pug as Pig
As proud sponsors and participants of the 18th Annual People Pet Walk hosted by the Helen Woodward Animal Center held last month, we Muttropolitans had the pleasure of meeting two and four legged creatures from every walk of life, including a miniature horse and a pug masquerading as a pig.

In this challenging economy, the homeless pet population is unfortunately growing as economic pressure forces an increasing number of people to give up their pets, so we are always happy to lend a hand and support worthy causes when we can!Miniature Horsey

The costumed revelers were as spirited as ever this year and we were particularly amused by the range of absolutely ridiculous pet tricks performed at our booth. Its amazing what a dog will do for our exceptionally tasty Gingersnapper Mutt Munchers.

Our favorite trick of the day was performed by a perky paw-pumping Pomeraninan. See the video below. Words cannot describe, why, in fact, this particular trick was so amusing to us, perhaps its simply the sheer ridiculousness of it!

Find more videos like this on Muttropolis Online Pet Park

A Comfy Dog Harness: Good for walks and walks down the aisle!

Muttropolis Dog Harness 2
Newlyweds Heather and Jason Crowe of Reynolds, Georgia sent us the most handsome photo of themselves with their four-legged attendants donning none other than our super comfy Freedom Dog Harnesses on their big day.

According to onlookers at the wedding, which was held in Asheville, North Carolina,  Barley the Boston Terrier and Paco the Chihuahua mix nearly stole the show in their wedding party finery.

“They believed they were undoubtedly the best looking male and female there,” admitted Heather, the blushing bride. "The Freedom Dog Harnesses kept them warm and stylish, not to mention that they were completely coordinated with the rest of the wedding party!"

We Muttropolitans agree that the Crowe’s furry bridal party is truly of the most handsome we’ve ever seen and if you agree, bark now and forever hold your leash!

Best Wishes to the Crowe Crew!

The countdown begins…Del Mar Dog Beach off-leash season begins Tuesday, September 2!

Opening Day at the Races?  Yawn.
Opening Day at the Ballpark?  Puh-leez.

For we Muttropolitans, the super, uber, mother of all Opening Days is none other than Opening Day at Del Mar Dog Beach, where hundreds of frenzied Fidos descend upon Del Mar Dog Beach to once again enjoy the freedom of running leash free!

Grab your beach-friendly floaty toys, portable water dispenser dishes and ever-essential pick up bags and we’ll see you there!

For more information, visit the Del Mar Guide.

Our new Quality Control Supervisor

The search is over for our new Quality Control Associate. We have discovered a unique skill-set in our newest four-legged Muttropolitan, "Zazou"  – a squeaky toy obsessed Vizsla. As seen in the video below, he exceeds expectation in his new role as Quality Control Supervisor of Squeaky Toys. He works for Muttropolis Mutt Munchers and ability to squeak toys to his heart’s content on a daily basis.