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A Comfy Dog Harness: Good for walks and walks down the aisle!

Muttropolis Dog Harness 2
Newlyweds Heather and Jason Crowe of Reynolds, Georgia sent us the most handsome photo of themselves with their four-legged attendants donning none other than our super comfy Freedom Dog Harnesses on their big day.

According to onlookers at the wedding, which was held in Asheville, North Carolina,  Barley the Boston Terrier and Paco the Chihuahua mix nearly stole the show in their wedding party finery.

“They believed they were undoubtedly the best looking male and female there,” admitted Heather, the blushing bride. "The Freedom Dog Harnesses kept them warm and stylish, not to mention that they were completely coordinated with the rest of the wedding party!"

We Muttropolitans agree that the Crowe’s furry bridal party is truly of the most handsome we’ve ever seen and if you agree, bark now and forever hold your leash!

Best Wishes to the Crowe Crew!

The countdown begins…Del Mar Dog Beach off-leash season begins Tuesday, September 2!

Opening Day at the Races?  Yawn.
Opening Day at the Ballpark?  Puh-leez.

For we Muttropolitans, the super, uber, mother of all Opening Days is none other than Opening Day at Del Mar Dog Beach, where hundreds of frenzied Fidos descend upon Del Mar Dog Beach to once again enjoy the freedom of running leash free!

Grab your beach-friendly floaty toys, portable water dispenser dishes and ever-essential pick up bags and we’ll see you there!

For more information, visit the Del Mar Guide.

Our new Quality Control Supervisor

The search is over for our new Quality Control Associate. We have discovered a unique skill-set in our newest four-legged Muttropolitan, "Zazou"  – a squeaky toy obsessed Vizsla. As seen in the video below, he exceeds expectation in his new role as Quality Control Supervisor of Squeaky Toys. He works for Muttropolis Mutt Munchers and ability to squeak toys to his heart’s content on a daily basis.

Saying Goodbye to the Big Apple

Much to the dismay of my fellow Muttropolitans at the Muttropolis World Headquarters, Schmoo’s favorite Big Apple Dog Bed has been a permanent fixture under my desk for the last five years. It has provided a comfy escape for small dogs and big dogs alike looking for a little chill time as well as a safety zone for pooches that have deftly snitched a treat from another fellow four-legged office mate.

Yes, the dog bed was a bit worn out after five years of wear and tear, but some sentimental things are difficult to part with. The Big Apple Bed was such an item. That is, until a very large four-legged office mate decided to relieve himself on the non-washable portion of the bed, thus sealing the fate of said Big Apple Bed.



Schmoo has been like a woman without a country and has taken to sitting on the desk, versus under it, despite hundreds of comfy, super luxury beds strewn about the office. 

-Janet McCulley & Schmoo, The Mystery Fluffy Mutt

Muttropolis Warehouse Sale

On Wednesday June 18th from noon to 7PM, employees at the Muttropolis World HQ donned their aprons and tennis shoes for a HUGE warehouse sale. Despite the heat, we had a great turnout, especially during lunch hour. Pets and their parents were finding bargains like never before from collars and leads to pet carriers and toys.



The two legged crew enjoyed margaritas and sangria after a hard day’s
work, while the four-leggeds romped around for a well deserved play

Every Day is “Take your dog to work day.”



The nation celebrated annual "Take Your Dog to Work Day," today and, undoubtedly, countless employees of stuffy, strict and un-fun companies were forced to leave their pooches at home despite this official designation.  As for who designated this particular day (Hallmark?), we hain’t a clue, but we think it’s a great way to kick off the summer.

However, we Muttropolitans are fortunate to designate every day as Take Your Dog to Work Day, as each and every desk here at the Muttropolis World Headquarters has a bed with a dog under it….a dog under the desk that is, not under the bed.

Given that our offices are housed in a building that was built back in the dark ages, we do not have air conditioning, and instead we must hover around small desk fans for relief from the heat. Or, we wait for one of the office dogs to aggressively shake his head after taking a long drink of water, which provides a nice refreshing spritz for bystanders. The office dogs tend to hog the fans and are also quite partial to our Muttropolis Water Filled Cooling Mat.

The office pooches are not always satisfied with simply laying on the floor and lately some have been fighting over the "good beds" and roosting upon desks and our reception chairs. Often, during photo shoots, they argue about who gets to be in the photo, because photo shoot = lots of treats.

Lola, our resident alpha Chihuahua mix, is a veritable Where’s Waldo of all photo shoots. See if you can spot her sneaking into the photo above.

-Janet McCulley, Chief Barketing Officer & Schmoo, the furry Guru

Muttropolis Gives Back

Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana is a new group in town just getting started and Muttropolis is looking forward to partnering with them at the upcoming Summer Pooch Party and Ice Cream Social on July 12 and 13 in La Jolla and Solana Beach. Friends of Humane Society de Tijuanais a San Diego based non-profit volunteer organization that directly supports the Humane Society de Tijuana (HSTJ). Friends of HSTJ is dedicated to improving the community through the humane treatment of animals.  Their programs focus on: Low cost or free spay and neuter clinics to control the overpopulation of unwanted animals; Street Clinics in the poorest neighborhoods of Tijuana to treat animals for parasites, mange, infections, fleas and ticks; Rescues and helping individuals who rescue street animals; Arranging of adoptions of rescued street animals; Public education programs; and promoting humane legislation and working to sustain suspension of electrocutions at public dog pounds in Mexico. They recognize that Animals Have No Nationality. Please visit their web site and become a Friend by volunteering or making a donation today! Friends of HSTJ’s 501(C)(3) # is 77-0704404 and 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

However, Muttropolis also reaches out to those non-pet related groups in the community that need assistance. Just this month at Mutt HQ, we have had the pleasure of donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Del Mar Village Association, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.


Hot Pads – Not just something used with oven-related activities.


The temperatures across the nation have reached record highs and our furry friends are definitely feeling the heat!  During a trip to Washington DC last week for the Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure, the temperatures reached a migraine-inducing 99 degrees and you could basically fry an egg on the pavement or perhaps grill up some tofu, if that is your protein preference.

Needless to say, I couldn’t help but wince when I saw some oblivious pet parents walking their very warm pups on the hot pavement! This experience would be akin to we humans doing the Tony Robbins Fire Walk. Not pleasant. In warm temperatures, its best to walk your pooch in the early morning or in the late evening and keep them on cooler surfaces and/or grass. If that is not possible, protect their paws with paw-protecting booties.

Many pet parents are not aware of how the heat effects their pooch, as dogs have a higher
internal temperature than humans and they can get hot very quickly.
Outside activities can be fun to share with your furry friend; but
remember to protect them from the summer heat. If you aren’t careful,
your dog could suffer from heat exhaustion. Read more about how to beat the heat at ehow  ehow: Beat the Heat as well as at Muttropolis: Beating the Heat  

-Janet McCulley, Chief Barketing Officer & Schmoo, the furry Guru

Across the universe & on our floor: Beetles


There is a nagging question that has undoubtedly been on the minds of innumerable San Diegans in the last few weeks, let alone we Muttropolitans. It is a rather unsavory subject matter….but we know we’re not alone in our bewilderment. The pressing question is as follows:


At first we believed we had a major creepy crawly problem on our hands, which is rather embarassing and socially unacceptable.  Since then we’ve learned that there is a bonafide bumper crop of black, stink-bug esque beetles ascending upon our hometown. Said beetles are commonly known as ‘ground beetles’ or caterpillar hunters. To learn more about this spine-tingling pheomenon, visit Black Beetle Invasion 

In the meantime, the beetles provide a wonderful diversion for our four-legged office team. If you prefer your pup to play with a bug that squeaks vs. crunches, try the Squeaky Ladybug Dog Toy  or the Butter Flutter Plush Toy.

– Janet McCulley, Chief Barketing Officer & Schmoo, the furry Guru.

Shopping goes to the dogs at Newport Beach’s Fashion Island mall




We mutts were pleased as pie when Los Angeles Times reporter Susannah Rosenblatt gave Muttropolis Fashion Island a shout out in her story in last week’s edition of the LA Times. Read the LA Times story here.

We couldn’t agree more with Susannah that a shopping trip quickly becomes an adventure when you have your pooch in tow….you meet interesting people and often experience a warmer, more engaging side of strangers and retail clerks alike when you have a pooch in your mall-trolling posse.

We certainly are thrilled that Fashion Island has embraced the "Pup Culture!"



Muttropolis Cowboy Hat

– post by SchmoeSchmoo