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Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves (dot com)

PWWTKT Tee The ever-growing trend of dressing up our beloved pets is certainly here to stay, given the abundance of choice in pet fashions and accessories today.

Yet, as much as I personally enjoy outfitting my furry four-legged sidekick, the Lulu Schmoo, in an occasional rain slicker or couture-inspired trench, I can't say that she particularly enjoys it…witness photo below.

Many of us have been to various community pet parade events and have silently asked ourselves: Does Mister Fluffy-bottoms over there really want to sport both a Captain Kirk uniform and a miniature model of the Starship Enterprise? Does Mojito the Mastiff really belong in leg warmers?

One need only glance at the unmistakable look upon their faces to obtain an immediate answer.

Pets at Their Most Embarrassed State

This sort of pondering is apparently what prompted Los Angeles based comedy screenwriter, Duncan Birmingham, to launch his website, Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves, a site dedicated to showing pets at their most 'embarrassed' state.

Lulu Annoyed in Dog Raincoat

Featuring photos of everything from Greyhounds to Guinea Pigs in ridiculous predicaments, the site pokes some serious fun at well-meaning pet parents who simply can't help themselves when it comes to pimping their pets. The user-generated captions are priceless and definitely worth a look-see.

You can event submit your own photos to me for your very own personal shaming. Just email me at

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Obama’s welcome newest Presidential Pooch: Bo Obama

Barack Obama and Bo Obama Over the years, the White House walls and floors have enjoyed the pitter patter (…and tinkley-tinkles?) of first pets Lucky, Rex, Millie, Buddy, Socks, Miss Beazley &  Barney. Starting this week, Americans officially have Bo Obama, a gangly Portuguese Water Dog as "our" newest Presidential Pet and four-legged family member.

Yesterday, the Obama's proudly marched Bo out for his first press conference and he frolicked like a goofy goof ball just as any good 6-month old pup should. We're all not sure what the scoop is on the plastic lei he wore around his neck, but we have no doubt that said lei is likely now shredded and scattered about the Oval Office, or one of the other hundred rooms that Bo will now call home.

Naturally, with Bo Hysteria rippling across America, the Obama's are receiving a flood of Puppy Do's and Don't Advice from pet parents around the globe  Shrill speculation from political pundits and curmudgeons alike is abound regarding Bo's political preference, sexual persuasion and whether Malia or Sasha Obama will be responsible for 'picking up?'Presidential Pooch Dog Bo Obama

We Muttropolitans are not concerned with Bo's lifestyle choices and instead are simply thrilled that the Obama's have a new little bundle of happiness that will bring certain needed levity into their lives and new home.

As for the 'toxic assets' that Bo will undoubtedly be depositing upon the White House lawn, may we kindly suggest Muttropolis' stealthy Euro-Bone Pick Up Kit leash attachment.

Furry Companions Healthy for Body & Mind

Olivia - Photo courtesy of ErinKatePhoto.comResearch Continues to Show Pets Have Positive Impact on Owner's Health, Mental State

According to a CBS news report this week, there is a growing body of evidence that having a pet has positive
benefits for your health. These findings are certainly not surprising to our fellow Muttropolitans who all agree that the non-judgemental, unconditional love a pet provides is a more powerful elixir than any pharmaceutical out there (well…more powerful than most of them)!

Studies document that holding and caressing an animal provides benefits
such as relaxation, lower blood pressure, improved long- and short-term
memory, and sensory stimuli.

"It's the human-animal bond," said Veterinarian R.K. Anderson, who helped to found CENSHARE at the University of Minnesota more than 30 years ago. 
CENSHARE (Center to Study Human Animal Relationships and Environments) is a center dedicated to supporting and collecting research on the many
positive effects pets have on people.

"After a long day of work or a crazy travel week, there is nothing more
wonderful than coming home to the positive energy of my two dogs," says
La Jolla, CA  resident Carmel Gouveia, mom to poodles Olivia (pictured above) &
Chocolate. "Oh, it's great to see my husband too, of course."

"Petting them is like a form of meditation… I can feel an immediate sense of calm."

Pet_bunny: Photo courtesy of
If you are interested in sharing your pets unconditional love with others who need a furry pick-me-up,  consider enrolling your pet in an animal therapy program to help your pet spread the love.  Check out The Pet Encounter Therapy program at Helen Woodward Animal Center, which brings the unconditional
love and tactile benefits of animals to people in facilities such as
abused children's shelters, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, and
senior centers.

Obama Family Dog arrives April 1st: The White House Fountain will never be the same again!

First Family Obama Dog: Portuguese Water Dog
This just in: According to the Associated Press, First Lady Michelle Obama indicates that her daughters Sasha and Malia will get their promised pooch in
April, after spring break, and they are looking for a
Portuguese Water
Dog to adopt
from a shelter! Yay!

The first couple and their daughters have been going back and forth
on possible names. Among the two Mrs. Obama mentioned — and nixed —
were Frank and Moose.

"I'm like, no. Come on. Let's work with the names a little bit," the First Lady told People Magazine.

Given today's dreary economic landscape, shelters are overrun with wonderful homeless pets that have been surrendered by owners no longer able to care for them. We applaud the Obama's for setting a great example to the rest of America by doing the right thing and adopting from a shelter and truly hope they follow through on their promise come April.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, "…the Portuguese Water Dog is known not only for having webbed
feet and being a favorite of Jacques Cousteau, but they usually pay
their taxes on time and rarely back out at the last minute."

Given their new pooch will undoubtedly enjoy an occasional impromptu dip in the White House Fountain, we suggest the First Family invest in the Muttropolis Soggy Dog Super Absorbent Towel to keep those paws clean!

Can we stalk? ‘Get the Flock Out’ with the Geese Police

Picture 1
Reports sweeping the nation regarding last month’s US Airways ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ have shone a spotlight on a cottage industry that employs Border Collies to encourage Canadian geese to get the flock outta town.

These bird dog programs employ only super-stalker Border Collies. Canadian GooseOut of work Labradors, mutts and Maltipoos need not apply as all other dog breeds are considered unqualified according to the owner of New Jersey-based company Geese Police.  While other dog breeds need the
gratification of catching their prey, working Border Collies are satisfied by the mere opportunity to stalk. (Like some of those new "friends" you've acquired on Facebook.)

The The Geese Police dogs simply stalk and chase intruding geese with
the intent to scare them enough so they do not return. Natural herders, the Border Collies are not trained to attack the birds, but instead employ a unique wolf-like glance called the “eye," at left.

Apparently, their hundred-yard stare can influence a flock into flight as the geese perceive this stalking manner as predatory behavior, thus compelling them to "bounce."

If your pooch prefers to catch their prey, let them prey with the Muttropolis Squeaky Duck Dog Toy or Duck Dog Treats!

I wonder if the “the eye” works on gophers? 

The Pup & the Pachyderm: An Unlikely Love Story

Picture 1
If a photo is emailed to us that contains anything resembling a kitten playing with yarn, a bunny snuggling with a golden retriever or a hamster in a teacup, there is a strong likelihood that the photo was sent to us by our friend and fellow Muttropolitan "RJ."

When an email recently arrived from RJ entitled "Animal Odd Couple," we assumed that the photo would contain an image of above-mentioned bunny, puppy, kitty or hamster engaged in some kind of Hallmark moment.

We were wrong.

The short video below is an incredibly moving story of the amazing friendship that has formed between Tara the elephant and a chunky Labrador named Bella. If you look closely, you can almost see the mist in the eyes if CBS's Steve Hartman’s “Assignment America." 

If you think your pup might be down with trying out a Pachyderm Playdate, we've got the hook up….without the messy clean up. Check out Muttropolis' Rippy's Pull Apart Pachyderm dog toy : )

Watch CBS Videos Online

Biden beats Obama in puppy race

Look who's bitin' Biden….a new German Shepherd Pup!

Ap_biden_dog_018214_mainWhile the country is fixated on what kind of dog
President-elect Barack Obama's family will get when they move into the
White House, his Vice President-elect Joe Biden quietly picked out a
puppy of his own last week. 

According to a report from MSNBC, Biden's wife, Jill, promised the
future VP a dog if he and Obama got elected. Biden found the
as-yet-unnamed pup, a three-month old male German Shepherd, in a
breeder's kennel in southeastern Pennsylvania, the area's Daily Local
News reports.

We Muttropolitans only wish that Biden had considered setting a better example to all prospective petAbby - German Shepherd Rescue Pup
parents by visiting his local shelter or to find his new pup, as there are literally thousands of wonderful German Shepherds (& others) sitting in shelters waiting to find their forever homes

In fact, after conducting an impromptu search of German Shepherd Rescue groups, Biden would have discovered that there are hundreds of German Shepherds, large or small, young or old, that are looking for a new loving home at this very moment…… like Abbey at left! Learn about adopting Abbey here>

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a companion animal, please visit your neighborhood Muttropolis store or for information on upcoming in-store adoption events. To locate adoptable animals in your area, check out .

Muttropolis’ Perfect Pet Gifts featured on CBS Early Show

Bone-bow-whiteHoliday gift giving is going to the dogs (and cats), literally.

A recent study released by Consumer Reports indicates that more consumers (40%) plan to cut back on buying gifts for friends and family than those who will cut back on gifts for Fido & Fluffy (only 23%) this holiday season.

Surprised? We sure aren't. It is certainly more gratifying to shower gifts upon our beloved, unconditionally-loving pet than spend hard-earned dollars on gifts for an ungrateful nephew or second cousin who stares at their Gameboy 24/7. Need we say more?

To check out some of our products that were featured on the CBS show, Click Here or watch the CBS Early Show Pet Gift Segment.

One of our fave features on the show was our RoadKill Animals Squeaky Dog Toy…which for dogs, is truly the next best thing to the real thing.  Ideal for even the most aggressive chewers, the Roadkill Toy is so realistic looking that your neighbors will surely be convinced that your pet snatched hisself' some 'Pavement Possum' (see photo at right). Muttropolis RoadKill Dog Toy featured on CBS

A felineMuttropolis Cheeky Chaise for Cats favorite, our functional yet sculptural "Cheeky Chaise" was also featured. A completely unique piece of furniture, the Cheeky Chaise provides a unique cradle for kitties large or small and its texture provides an enticing scratching surface that makes it simply irresistible.

For all they do for us, don't forget Fido & Fluffy this season!

Ultimately what our pets enjoy and crave most is the love, attention, warmth and sense of safety we provide them…so above all, make sure that's at the top of your list this holiday : ).

Muttropolis Launches Holiday Campaign to Curb Pet Homelessness with

Muttropolis board

In our continued efforts to help homeless pets, we Muttropolitans have joined forces with’s ongoing efforts to curb pet homelessness and we will be donating a percentage of our Holiday 2008 sales to the Foundation which benefits animal shelters & rescue groups across the nation. As part of this campaign, we will also continue raise awareness among pet parents regarding the thousands of wonderful pets sitting in shelters waiting to find their forever homes.

Details about how you can help curb pet homelessness as well as receive 10% off holiday dog and cat gifts at may be found by clicking here.

Our shared desire to promote the adoption of shelter pets is the reason and Muttropolis have joined forces,” says Teri White, Interim Director of the Foundation. “We applaud Muttropolis for consistently hosting in-store adoption events. This commitment to promoting adoption, along with their generous donation to the Foundation, will make a real difference in the lives of homeless pets.”

If you are interested in adopting a companion animal, you can visit your neighborhood Muttropolis store or for information on upcoming in-store adoption events.To locate adoptable animals in your area, check out

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

With nearly 10 million animals entering local shelters across the country each year, Adopt a Shelter Dog Month helps focus attention on the pet population problem we face across the nation. With the holidays fast approaching, be sure to encourage people who are looking for a "best friend" to check out the millions of dogs waiting for a new home at a local shelter.

The Muttropolis Online Pet Park features wonderful adoption stories of pets young and old that have been united with loving families. Have a story to share? Visit the Adoption Stories group at our Muttropolis Online Pet Park!

We Muttropolitans love older doggies. In fact, our Muttropolis "Bored of Directors" was founded by a bunch of grey-muzzled four-legged’s that had more personality than we have adjectives for. That said, we really want to encourage fellow-dog lovers to consider adopting an "older" doggie, as there are so many wonderful benefits. Courtesy of the ASPCA, here is a list of the top ten benefits!

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog

1. What You See Is What You Get

Older dogs are
open books—from the start, you’ll know important things like their
full-grown size, personality and grooming requirements. If you’re not
so into surprises, an older dog is for you!

2. Easy to Train
Think you can’t teach an
old dog new tricks? Think again! Older dogs are great at focusing on
you—and on the task at hand—because they’re calmer than youngsters. 

3. Seniors are Super-Loving
Those who
have adopted older dogs have told us how devoted and grateful they are. It’s an
instant bond that cannot be topped!

4. They’re Not a 24-7 Job
Grownup dogs don’t
require the constant monitoring puppies do, leaving you with more
freedom to do your own thing. If you have young children, or just value
your “me time,” this is definitely a bonus.

5. They Settle in Quickly
Older dogs have been
around the block and already learned what it takes to get along with
others and become part of a pack. They’ll be part of the family in no

6. Fewer Messes
Your floors, shoes and
furniture will thank you for adopting a senior pooch! Older dogs are
likely to already be housetrained—and even if they’re not, they have
the physical and mental abilities to pick it up really fast (unlike
puppies). With their teething years far behind them, seniors also are
much less likely to be destructive chewers.

7. You Won’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew
are those who yearn for a doggie friend of their own, but hold back
because they worry what might happen in their lives in the years to
come. And they are wise to do so—a puppy or young dog can be anywhere
from an eight- to 20-year responsibility, which is not appropriate for
the very elderly or those with certain long-term future plans.
Providing a loving home for a dog in her golden years is not a less
serious commitment, but it can be a shorter one.

8. They Enjoy Easy Livin’ Dogbeachshort35

Couch potato, know
thyself! Please consider a canine retiree rather than a high-energy
young dog who will run you ragged. Not that older dogs don’t require
any exercise—they do—but they’re not going to need, or want, to run a
marathon every day.

9. Save a Life, Be a Hero
Older dogs are often
the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized at shelters.
Saving an animal’s life offers an unparalleled emotional return on your
investment, and you’ll feel the rewards every day you spend together.
There’s nothing like that twinkling in an older dog’s eyes when he
finally gets adopted and realizes that after a lifetime of searching,
he’s home.


10. They’re CUTE!
Need we say more?