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‘Miracle’ dog adopts tiger cubs: Loving golden retriever saves newborn tigers rejected by mother.

Our favorite news story this week is so sweet our teeth hurt.
We just had to share this darling accompanying photo, regardless that it resembles a poster you perhaps hung on your bedroom wall at the age of nine.

According to NBC’s Today show and MSNBC, dogs and cats don’t always see paw to paw,
but in an amazing story of animal kindness, one golden retriever named
Isabella adopted three white tiger cubs that were abandoned by their

Tom and Allie Harvey, owners of the Safari Zoological Park —
a private zoo in Caney, Kansas — own the cubs who found a mother in
Isabella — described as the “sweetest most gentle Golden Retriever” by
her owners — has been nursing the baby tiger cubs ever since their
mother rejected them just 24 hours after giving birth. Now 7 weeks old,
the cubs are healthy, strong and have
just finished weaning.

The Harvey’s hope that by promoting their
unique story and inviting people to visit their zoo, they can raise more
awareness for tigers and highlight the need to help endangered species.Muttropolis_blog2

As for those who are worried about what will
become of the cubs’ relationship with their adoptive mother, Tom Harvey
claims there’s no real concern. “They won’t really become dangerous to
her because they think that she’s their mother. They are very gentle
with her. They chew on her tail.”

For dear Isabella, who is most certainly taking one for the collective canine team, we suggest she schedule some ‘me-time’ and throw back a couple all-natural Muttropolis Mellow Mut dog treat chews, followed by some anti-oxidant rich Muttropolis Blueberry Schmoo’s Granola Bites Mutt Munchers for dessert. 

To learn more about this story, visit  or the Harvey’s Safari Zoological Park.

The Call of Duty: Dog dials 911 when owner has seizure

Picture_4What’s next…text messaging Terriers?

This week’s shout out for the Muttropolis pack’s favorite story goes out to Buddy, an uber-smart German Shepard who remembered his training and saved his owner’s life by calling, yes, calling 911 when the man had a seizure.

Buddy has apparently been there before for his owner, Joe Stalnaker, who frequently suffers from seizures, according to police officers.

On a recording of the 911 call, Buddy is heard whimpering and barking after the dispatcher answers and repeatedly asks if the caller needs help. Police were sent to Stalnaker’s and after about three minutes Buddy is heard barking loudly after the officers arrived. Stalnaker is OK.

For being at the bark and call at the right time, here’s to Buddy!

What’s next…text messaging Terriers?

For more on this story, visit ABC NEWS here.

Vick’s Pitts Find Peace

An unprecedented rehabilitation effort has been put forth to rescue and foster Vick’s 47 surviving dogs since the Federal Court confiscPit
ated them over one year ago. Bred to be aggressive with other dogs, classic fighting pit bulls are bred to be friendly to people. Read more details.

Did You Know: In California it is illegal to leave a dog in a hot car.

Dogincar_2 Given the temperatures are reaching record highs across the nation, we thought it would be beneficial to remind everyone that Governor Schwarzenegger did indeed sign the bill  SB  1806
by Senator Liz Figueroa (D-Fremont) that makes a crime for pet
owners to carelessly leave animals unattended in vehicles during
dangerous conditions, such as hot weather. The bill was passed in 2006 and became a law in 2007.

Here are the details:

“Every year,
countless dogs die after being locked in cars while their owners work,
shop or run errands,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “This bill will
prevent animals from suffering unbearable heat and death. 

"SB 1806 makes it a
crime for a person to leave a pet unattended in a vehicle in a way that
endangers the well-being of the animal due to heat, cold, lack of
adequate ventilation, or lack of food or water, or other circumstances
that could reasonably be expected to cause suffering or death.   Unless
the animal suffers great bodily injury, a first misdemeanor conviction
for this crime is punishable by a fine of $100 or less per animal. If
the animal suffers great bodily injury, the punishment is a fine of
$500 or less, a sentence of up to six months in county jail, or both.
A person convicted of felony animal cruelty is subject to a fine of
$20,000 or less, time in state prison, or both"

"Many pet owners are not aware that even
moderately warm temperatures outside can quickly lead to deadly
temperatures inside a closed car.  For example, within one hour an
outside temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit can cause conditions
inside a vehicle that adversely affects the health, safety, or
well-being of an animal.  Even with the windows left slightly open, an
85 degree outside temperature can cause a temperature of 102 degrees
inside a vehicle in 10 minutes, and can cause 120 degrees in just half
an hour.  A healthy dog, whose normal body temperature ranges from 101
to 102.5 degrees, can withstand a body temperature of 107 to 108
degrees for only a short time before suffering brain damage or death."

If you live in a state that doesn’t have this type of law, you might consider forwarding a copy of this legislation to your legislators and ask them to pass a
similar bill where you live. For more information on this legislation visit Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Legislation to Protect Pets from Overheating in Vehicles

Please leave a comment or share your suggestions regarding this important topic!

Hitting the Road with Rover


Fido Friendly magazine has recently revamped their magazine and the Summer 2008 issue features some great tips on pet friendly hotels and resorts that are Schmoo-tested and approved. There are also some great tips on keeping Fido Safe while on the road! Read on for more details: Fido Friendly Magazine

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– Janet McCulley, Chief Barketing Officer & Schmoo, the furry Guru.

A Different Kind of “Pit” Stop



Photo Caption: It’s the Pitts: Overzealous Pit Crew Member

Our favorite story this week hails from Vacaville, California.

According to TV news station WGAL, a Vacaville man found a concerned and slightly grimey pit bull stuck in the engine of his
truck and chewing through wires Tuesday morning, his family said. Walter
Witthoeft had just woken up and went outside to put power steering
fluid in his truck. When he popped the hood, he saw a pair of eyes,
heard growling and then noticed a dog wiggling around in his engine.

The poor pooch eventually was able to wiggle out and animal service brought it to a county shelter.

Poor doggy (…let’s call him Brad, Brad Pit..) what he was thinking?  Perhaps he was an associate at Quiki Mart Lube n’ Tune in a prior life? A member of a pit crew? Needless to say, we hope that his new-found stardom garners him a loving forever home with a fellow automotive aficionado.

Note to his new parents: Since chewing through automotive air hoses and engine wire can be cost prohibitive (and dangerous), we suggest you peruse the  Muttropolis Extra Tough Dog Toys department.

– submitted by Schmoe-schmoo

Just Ewe & I: An unlikely love story.

Story details courtesy of LA Daily News

So there’s this guy who owns a pizza place in the San Fernando Valley who’s driving to work last week when he sees a dog and sheep
walking down the street together.

While the wayward duo’s ultimate destination is unknown (Vegas? Walmart? Weekly counseling session?), John Caruso, the pizza-shop-owner-turned-good-Samaritan said he couldn’t believe his eyes and that people were honking their car horns and attempting to stop the furry BFF’s from walking up the off-ramp together and onto
the freeway.

Wherever Ewe Go, I Go.

The weirdness starts when Caruso corrals the dog into his car and without hesitation the sheep jumps up into his car as well, no coaxing required.

After a variety of adventures, Caruso brought the furry duo to a local animal shelter, where any attempt to separate the two proved fruitless, as the sheep would bleat bloody murder if ever out of sight-range of the dog.

The pair were kept in adjoining cages at the shelter and at times they would nuzzle each other’s noses through the bars. Even as
animals in other cages were barking and yelping loudly, the two
remained docile and quiet in each other’s presence.

Baan-ded Pair Re-Ewe-Nited

The Dog (Maggie) and Sheep (Daisy) have since been claimed by a very relieved and grateful mother and daughter who were able to track down their furry family members through the news reports. No word on how the unlikely love affair began. To learn more details of the story visit LA Daily News