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Top 12 Unique Gifts for Pets & Pet Lovers

When searching for pet supplies online, it's amazing what you can come across. With the holidays hot on our heels, we've pulled together some pretty awesome, often quite hilarious and definitely attention-grabbing, gifts for pets and pet aficionados! We guarantee you a good laugh, and maybe even a unique holiday gift idea or two. Enjoy!


1) Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy – not only a necessity for Movember!

Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy

2) DJ Cat Scratching Pad DJ Cat Scratching Pad3) Rear Gear

Rear Gear

4) Matching Mommy & Me Pet Pajamas

Matching Mommy & Me Pet Pajamas

5) Sony Action Cam with WiFi K9 Bundle

Sony Action Cam with WiFi K9 Bundle

6) Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces – for the fancier folks!

Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces7) Doggie Treadmill – available in many sizes!

Dog Treadmill

8) Bolt Interactive Pet Laser Toylet the force be with your pet!

Bolt Interactive Pet Laser Toy

9) Pet Wigs

Pet Wigs

10) DIY Dog Biscuits

DIY Dog Biscuits11) Airplane Cat House – send your cat flyin’!

Airplane Cat House12) The Dogfather T-Shirt

The Dogfather T-Shirt


Hairy Dog Hair Hats – Epic or Eww? [PHOTO]

Excuse me, but there's a Schnoodle in your hair.

Looking  to spice up your summer wardrobe? Nothing says summer chic like a hair hat in the shape of your favorite animal….right?

[Related: Dog hair sweaters made from stuff people vacuumed up off the floor. Believe it. — this site]

These hairy hair hats by Nagi Noda will give you a leg up on fashion. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised to find Lady Gaga rockin' ones of these canine chapeau's this season. Animals that have inspired these hats include dogs, boars, rhinos, and even a mighty lion!

We wonder if they smell like wet dog when you emerge from the shower? 

What do you think of these crazy creations?

Dog Hair Hats

Dog Hair Hats

Dog Hair Hats

Hair Hats

Image Source: Nagi Noda
Source: Dog Milk, Janet McCulley, The Daily Treat at AnimalPlanet.com

The Crazy Cat Lady Game

You indeed can have too many cats and still be a winner.

The Crazy Cat Lady Game Gift for Cat Lovers After taking in a healthy dose of music (and mud!) at the Austin City Limits music festival recently, my comrades and I enjoyed wandering Austin's fabulously quirky boho 'hood of South Congress, or SoCo.  It was there that we stumbled across the ridonkulously weird and wacky shop Monkey See, Monkey Do and discovered, among other things, The Crazy Cat Lady Game.

In this riveting board game you attempt to collect more cats than your fellow competitors as you, The Crazy Cat Lady, head out into the world (and around the board) to run some errands. On your journey you might visit the Pet Store, the Supermarket, the Vet or the Animal Shelter. But no matter where you go, you must be on the look out for more cats! Your ultimate objective is to possess the most cats when the Crazy Cat Lady returns back home. Gain more cats by landing on spaces like "Save a Cat Stuck in a Tree" and "Rescue Grumpy Old Cat From Pound." But watch out for spaces that take cats from you like "Beware of Dog" and "Kitten Distracted by Bit of Fluff." The Crazy Cat Lady Game is fantastic feline fun for the whole family.

Find The Crazy Cat Lady Game at either Monkey See, Monkey Do or online at ArchieMcPhee.com.

courtesy of The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

A Mutt-Stache? Introducing The Humunga Stache Dog Toy

Now even your pooch can sport a 'stache and go in-dog-nito.


If your dog secretly envies Bearded Collies, Schnauzers or any other dog breeds with excessive facial hair  – then their prayers have been answered. New from Moody Pet, the makers of the original Humunga Tongue dog toy, comes the newest in ridiculous mutt must-have's: The Humunga Stache dog toy. This shiny black toy features a durable, solid black natural rubber ball on one end and a giant cartoon mustache on the other.

With the holidays just around the corner, why not have your pooch sport his or her Humunga Stache during your annual holiday family photo? This way, Uncle Chester won't be the only one in the pic with the creepy mustache.

The concept behind the dog toy is that like the photo, dogs will naturally pick up the rubber ball … leaving the handlebar mustache sticking out. Priced at $15, pick one up at Muttropolis.com and add some low-cost laughs to your frequent frolics with Fido this holiday!

courtesy of The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

Everyone poops. Not everyone has a poop butler.

Doody Calls: The business of pet business

Dog_poop_signI recently came across a strangely interesting statistic stating that more than 300+ companies in the United States and Canada specialize solely in pet poop pick up and removal.…this according to the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (yes, there is such an association…complete with a board of directors). Fondly referring to themselves as “entre-manures” these industrial individuals have created bona fide businesses based purely upon our pet’s “business,” – and considering that 62% of U.S. households own a pet, that’s a whole lotta business coming their way!

My initial assumption about these entre-manures is that they undoubtedly must possess 1) a shovel and 2) a sense of humor  – in order be in the business of “pet business.” Judging from their company names that I managed to scoop up after a bit of Googling, I was clearly accurate in my assumption. While it may appear that I am regressing to seventh grade in sharing my findings, given their ridiculousness, I just had to share these highly amusing and creative company names. Here are my top seven favorites…enjoy!

  1. Minesweepers Pet Waste Removal
  2. ScooperDude
  3. Doodycalls (we can only imagine how they answer the phone: ”Doody Calls!….hold please…)
  4. Dr. Doo
  5. Got Dooky?
  6. Scoopypoo
  7. Doo Bandits

So if you’re looking for a poop butler in your ‘hood, feel free to visit the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists for a pooper scooper near you!

Article reprint courtesy of Animal Planet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley

It Was Just a Matter of Time: The Snuggie for Dogs

The Snuggie for Dogs

Fresh from the "Seriously!? Seriously." files, and just when you thought the Snuggie (or Slanket) had gone the way of the pet rock, brace yourself: Introducing the Snuggie for Dogs. Yes, you heard right, the Snuggie for Dogs.

Now your dog can be both warm and comfortable on the couch while being able to take a quick trip to the local dog park without having to take their blanket off. Its also a great gift idea for dogs who are Lord of the Rings enthusiasts and want to achieve the 'Gandalfy' look or who perhaps practice Buddhism. As well, given it's made of 100% synthetic mystery-material, the static charge generated by the Snuggie for Dogs can likely turn your dog into a super uber lint-roller and/or dust-bunny collection device. You'll never need to dust or vacuum your floors again.

As I understand it, the idea behind the original Snuggie is that it is essentially a blanket with sleeves and is open in the back, akin to a hospital gown. That said, the Snuggie for Dogs, as seen in the video on their site, is not "open in the back" but instead utilizes velcro closures to keep it on the dog. Call me crazy, but doesn't that make this something otherwise known a "dog coat?"

Regardless, you still need to watch the ridiculous video. Reason being, I had to watch it twice before believing that it was not a gag. This is an actual bona fide product….SRSLY. Enjoy!

Article reprint courtesy of The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley at Animal Planet.com

Adventures with a Secret Agent Spy Collar Cam

Adventures with a Secret Agent Collar Cam

Aside from the requisite sleeping, scratching and navel gazing, many pet parents wonder what else our dogs and cats are doing exactly when we’re not around. While web cams might be one approach to pet surveillance, a web cam can be limiting as the camera captures footage from only one vantage point in your home, which is why the Pet’s Eye View collar camera piqued my interest.

Essentially the equivalent of a collar spy cam, the Pet’s Eye View camera attaches to your pet's collar and the built-in timer automatically takes photos from your dog or cat’s perspective at intervals of 1, 5 or 15 minutes.  The internal memory stores about 40 photos and a four-foot USB cable is included which can be used to download the collar-cam pics to your computer in order to see what sort of espionage is occurring whilst you’re away.

In addition to spying on your pet while you're away, I believe that a lot of fun can be had with this camera outside the home. For instance, boxers or briefs: Why not clip it on your dog’s collar and ask your cute or handsome neighbor to pet sit your dog for the evening? Or discover the true identity of whomever is sneaking your dog biscotti’s every morning when you’re inside Starbucks grabbing a latte? The list just goes on…

Check out my field test of the Pet’s Eye View Camera in this week’s video, and see what kind of valuable intel I am able to collect on unsuspecting Zazou and Schmoo…including identifying the party responsible for the dirty paw prints left on my pillow!


Article reprint courtesy of The Daily Treat on Animalplanet.com

When you care enough to send the very best: Say it with Panda Poo

Panda Poop PaperLeave no man-ure behind

While on a recent trip to Orlando Florida, I popped into a new boutique, Earth Inspired Living, in the charming town of Winter Park. A gift and home accessories store dedicated to great design with a commitment to conserve the environment. Their carefully selected and elegantly displayed products are all made from recycled, reclaimed, organic and sustainable materials designed to enlighten and surprise. And surprise they did, when I found some darling note cards made completely of Panda Poop.

Yes the note cards pictured at right are actually made out of real, Grade A Panda poop. Eco-friendly and innovative, these darling stationary products are 100% recycled, odorless (good to know) and quite lovely for a piece of poo.

Prefer Pachyderm poop? Good news for you! These products also come in Dumbo dung.

PandaPooNotebookHandmade in Thailand, this papier de poop is created via collection and processing of Panda poo ‘pulp' collected from Giant Pandas in China. Natural and quite lovely for a piece of poo, this unique stationery is 100% recycled, odorless and sure to be a hit with anyone who loves recycling and/or potty humor…which pretty much describes

Get the scoop on this poop by visiting either Earth Inspired Living  or  uncommongoods.com

Blog reprint courtesy of AnimalPlanet's The Daily Treat with Janet McCulley