This Dog is Dern Fed Up

Earlier this week we sent out a request for your fun photos of "driving dogs" – random dogs captured whilst at the wheel of a car. So far, your photo submissions have been great, especially the pics where the window is actually rolled down while the dog is sitting in a parked car. Wha?! Seriously people. What have we all agreed on regarding dogs cooped up in hot cars with all the windows closed. Not good.

Anyhoo – stepping down off my soap box, given the theme of the week, I had to share this hysterical find from our creative friends over at Sh*, featuring a highly annoyed American Eskimo shamelessly broadcasting the fact that he is sick and tired of waiting in the Staples parking lot for his driver to return. Please note that it appears to be an overcast day and the windows are indeed rolled down offering proper air circulation ; )

Is it just me or...

Does the drivers seat of this car seem to be unnaturally close to the steering wheel? Either our impatient friend cleverly jacked the seats to offer optimal honking ability or perhaps the driver is Shorty from Pit Boss.