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Stuff My Pet Ruined: Holiday All-Stars

Our friends over at Sh*t My Pets Ruined - a hilarious site dedicated to documenting and showcasing the stuff our pets have destroyed, or "..otherwise made filthy, distasteful, gross or painful" have come out with their top pics for holiday "Sh*t My Pet Ruined!" 

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With the site's permission, we've picked out our absolute favorite Sh*t My Pet Ruined submissions, featured below, along with commentary from the submitter.

Show Us Your Pics!

Do you have a pet that has creatively chewed, chomped and repurposed your carefully arranged holiday decorations?  Please feel free to share your pics with us on our Muttropolis FaceBook page or submit them to Sh*t My Pets Ruined! 

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Night 4







Our Tree


Source: Janet McCulley, The Daily Treat at


16 Funny Pics of Rare, Elite ‘Couch Jockey’ Dog Breed

Elusive & Rare Couch Jockey Dog Breed Discovered on Couches Across America

Source: Reprint Courtesy of Janet McCulley at

Zazou (Senior) Couch Jockey

A few weeks ago I posted this ridiculous photo of my dog Zazou, demonstrating his favorite way to chill on in front of the TV. It is simply not enough for him to snuggle up in the luxurious comfort of his 1000 thread-count, eco-friendly, super-plush cuddler bed, he instead prefers the non-committal, half-on-half-off the couch situation.

Based upon your feedback and hysterical photo submissions, I can see that I am not the only one with a major Couch Jockey's in the house!

Check out the slideshow below of hysterical photos submitted from Daily Treat readers to see some of the creative ways our pets take over the couch.

A NOTE ABOUT THE SUBMISSIONS: Thanks to everyone that submitted photos! They were all hysterical!! Please note that the last pic of the (somewhat incongruent) Countertop Jockey dog has nothing to do with the couch – but we just couldn't help ourselves.

Totally Adorbs: Driving Dogs

Dog Driving Car
They see me rollin'….

As a dog lover, nothing can make a normally mundane drive to work, the store, your therapist or perhaps even the county jail more pleasurable than the sight of a happy dog's head poking inquisitively out the window of a passing car, discovering the joy of the wind in transit. 

Particularly amusing to me is spotting, say, an enormous Great Dane rolling by in a Mini Cooper or a itty bitty puff of a Pomeranian rumbling by in a jacked up monster truck. Wha? It's not always easy to capture these images in the moment, especially when we're technically supposed to be concentrating on driving, but some moments require improvisation and must be captured. Last week was such a moment for me. See exhibit A of Luna Camellia of Solana Beach, CA at right.

Send Us Your Photos

What funny dogs have you seen cruising the strip – taking it all in? Post your funny photos on our Muttropolis Facebook page! To see some more hysterical shots of Driving Dogs, visit Matt Stopera's photo gallery of Dogs Driving Cars.

Dogs Rule at Annual Surf Dog Contest

Screen shot 2010-09-13 at 8.08.47 PMZazou, Kiki, Schmoo and the Muttropolis team and I had a blast last weekend at the 5th annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon held at Del Mar Dog Beach in Southern California. Benefitting the Helen Woodward Animal Center, the event raises funds for orphaned animals at the Helen Woodward Animal Center and promotes responsible pet ownership.

This year, we enjoyed judging the hilarious Surfer Babe and Beach Bum Costume Contest alongside none other than Shorty from Animal Planet's Pit Boss and one of his darling Pit pups, Hercules

The contest featured countless creative costumes, but we all agreed that a slightly portly German Shorthair Pointer, nicknamed "Surfer Joe," deserved best in show for costume creativity and spirit! Our second favorite costume was terrier mix who had a darling Palm Tree sprouting from his haunches and a surfer riding his rump! Check out the gallery below for some of our other favorite moments from the event!

The Best in Surf Was….

None other than our favorite Extreme Sports Sporting dog, Abbie Girl, mastered this year's winning ride, clinching the title of "Best of Surf." Abbie really wowed the crowds with a particularly tricky move at the end of her ride – check out the video of her amazing move here> 

Screen shot 2010-09-13 at 8.08.56 PM 



Palm Tree Dog
Screen shot 2010-09-13 at 8.13.20 PM