Shelter Dog Donate your used, unwanted towels and blankets to a local shelter for Earth Day…and everyday

In our disposable society, millions of pounds of unwanted textiles, such as towels and blankets, are unnecessarily tossed into landfills across the United States each year. These discarded textiles can easily be diverted from landfills, repurposed and reused at a variety of needy organizations, starting with your local animal shelter!

Don’t toss your old faded towels or well-worn blankets into the trash, instead contact your local animal shelter and see if they can use them. Most every shelter across the nation has a donation wish list that most likely includes blankets and towels…and this includes all kinds of homeless shelters.

Donating your old linens to your local animal shelter is a convenient and eco-friendly to put unwanted textiles to good use and help provide a little creature comfort to shelter pets waiting to be adopted into their forever homes.

Donate Today!

Get started by contacting your local animal shelter and look for “donations” or their wish list. To find a local shelter near you, visit