Petfinder iPhone App Makes Finding the Perfect Shelter Pet Even Easier

If you've watched any of your favorite shows recently, you've undoubtedly seen the darling new TV Commercial for the iPhone that features the new Petfinder App! The spot starts out with a female narrator stating "We've been wanting a dog for a while — so we searched local shelters …" and then commercial depicts how new pet parent uses her iPhone's Petfinder App to adopt her new pup. 

Logging nearly 16,000 downloads in one day, and the Petfinder iPhone app is now #1 in the free lifestyle apps category and #49 among all free apps! Importantly all of these downloads mean more people are looking at more adoptable pets, and that means more pets will be adopted. Good on ya' Apple for choosing to promote the Petfinder App and to everyone who downloaded it. 

To download the Petfinder App, download it for free at the iTunes Store. If you don't have an iPhone, visit