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MUTT’S UP? Holiday Travel Tips

Dog and Suitcase

It’s our favorite time of the year: the holidays! Bring on the chilly weather, joyous decorations and hometown visits! Whether you’re taking a short road trip or flying across the country, we’ve got some tips on bringing your furry friend along.

When travelling with your pooch, you want to make sure you have all the essentials. First on the checklist: a carrier or car seat. For dogs preparing for a flight, an airline-approved carrier is a must. Airline-approved favorites include the Kelle, Roxy and Charlie carriers. Not only do these carriers come in an array of colors, but they’re complete with multiple pockets to carry all your dog’s travelling needs. Taking a road trip? A car seat is perfect for your dog to rest comfortably during the drive. Car seats like the Companion and Lookout have a space for the seatbelt to attach, ensuring a safe space for your pup to rest.

Now that you know what your dog will be travelling in, it’s time to think about what to pack to keep them nice and happy throughout the trip. We recommend bringing some of your dog’s favorite treats and food along with a travel water bowl to keep them full and hydrated, an extra collar and leash in case of emergencies, extra poop bags for those potty breaks and pet wipes for sanitary purposes. A clean pup is a happy pup, right?! For the toy lover, bringing Bowser’s favorite toy on the journey will not only keep them preoccupied, but will make them feel more comfortable and at home.

Now that you and your pooch are prepared for the holidays, it’s time to take off! Check out more travel needs on our website or visit our three Southern California stores to learn more.

Does Your Dog Do This? Sad Suitcase Face

Sad Suitcase Face Do you put off bringing out your suitcase until the very last moment too?

From the very moment my dogs Lulu, Zazou & Kiki spot me rolling my suitcase out from the coat closet, the downward spiral begins. I don't care how much fun they were having eating, playing, or rough-housing the moment before – the absolute second they catch sight of that detested suitcase,  the mood instantly sours and all three sadly shuffle into their beds like sad sacks. With furrowed brows they quietly stare at me as I pack and the worrying begins. 

For this very reason, I put off bringing out my suitcase and actually packing until it is absolutely the very last moment, because it bums them out so much! In speaking with many of my other pet loving friends about this oft repeated scenario in their household of furry friends, I have learned that some actually go as far to hide the suitcase in another room so that the dogs cannot see them packing at all. HA!

Does your dog do this? Do you have any secret tips to help prevent the dreaded sad suitcase face syndrome? Share your stories and comments!