Pink Poodle Fined for Dyes Paws What's Next – House Arrest for Untrimmed Nails?

A word to the wise in Florida – if you have a penchant for all things pink, just be sure to keep the pink off your pup's paws! Christine Hill of Jacksonville Florida learned this the hard way when she innocently bought a bottle of dye specifically for dogs and colored her poodle's paws pink for fun on Halloween. 

However, there is apparently a city ordinance in Florida (and apparently in Denver also) that prohibits people from coloring pet or animal fur.  Hill discovered this fact when she was slapped with a $225 fine by an animal control officer who happened to spot Hill and her pink fluff ball walking in the field across from her house. The ticket said Hill was in violation for artificially coloring her animal! Who knew??

I did some further digging around and this code appears to be in place to discourage people from dyeing pets, bunnies, chicks and other critters at Easter  -  I kinda get their point – but a fine for her pinkifying her pooch seems a little severe…. what do you think?

Dye Your Dog, Do Hard Time

More importantly, what do you suppose the infraction would be for these groomers and their dogs? I'm betting they'd be heading to the big house for some serious hard time!

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